iCarly Reboot, Coming This June

The cast of iCarly are all grown up! Paramount+ released its trailer on the first. This is the reboot we’ve all been dying to see!

The show finished in 2012 with Carly saying that she’s taking a break from the famous web show iCarly. Now, 9 years later, it’s back and their grown ups with grown up problems. 

To start, pretty much the whole gang is back! In the trailer, Carly Jepsen (played by Miranda Cosgrove), her brother Spencer (played by , and Freddie (played by were seen. However, others were not seen and are not coming back for the reboot like Sam (played by Jenette McCurdy) who has recently retired from acting. It’s sad since she was a main character in the original show. 

There’s also new characters. For example Harper (played by Laci Mosley). She is playing one of Carly’s friends. She appeared in the poster and a lot in the trailer. So, it’s safe to say that Harper is going to be a series regular on the show. It’s nice to see some diversity on the show now. 

Also, the technology now is for sure going to be much better than before. Now, Freddie can add some sweet graphics, filters, and effects to the web show and even use his phone and not that big old camera. This was seen when Carly asked him if he can use a filter on her while she’s in front of the camera to better define her face. iCarly is getting an upgrade!

Another thing noticed is how grown they all are now. Freddie still has to deal with his overprotective mom but is now seen talking to girls other than his two best friends. Carly is also on the dating scene but struggling. The cast has grown out of spaghetti tacos and The Groovy Smoothie and are now drinking alcohol and going out to restaurants on their own with dates. They really have grown up. 

The show we grew up with has now officially grown up and deals with the same problems us adults are dealing with now. It will be great to get the old gang back in action. It won’t be long now Paramount+ announced that the reboot will be out June 17!