HSMTMTS season 3 gets new cast members!

Grab some sunscreen because this summer High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is coming back! Get ready for new faces and some of your favorite OG’s from seasons one and two.

Production is ramping up on the third season of HSMTMTS but don’t expect to see the gang roaming the halls of East High. The Wildcats are heading over to Camp Shallow Lake in California. Shallow Lake isn’t your regular sleepaway camp with bonfires, canoes, and tents. The East Highers will participate in a production of (drumroll please…) FROZEN to see who is ‘the best in snow.’ If a summer camp about singing and dancing doesn’t sound familiar then the Camp Rock music featured in the new season will be sure to jog some memories.

Perhaps the most exciting part about the new season is the new faces! Newcomers Adrian Lyles and Saylor Bell (“I Didn’t Do It”) will be joining as, Jet, the interesting new kid and, Maddox, a tech nerd who follows all the rules. Corbin Bleu (Disney’s “High School Musical” franchise) is guest-starring as himself and Meg Donnelly (Disney’s “ZOMBIES” franchise) will play Val, a self-assured college student who is a counselor-in-training. Jason Earles (Disney’s “Hannah Montana”) will also be joining the show as Dewey Wood, the stone-cold camp director. This is a sign to go back and rewatch every High School Musical and ZOMBIES movie. Perhaps even binge-watch the entire four seasons of Hannah Montana.

In addition to our new cast members, season 1 and 2 stars coming back to HSMTMTS are Joshua Bassett (“Ricky”), Matt Cornett (“E.J.”), Sofia Wylie (“Gina”), Julia Lester (“Ashlyn”), Dara Reneé (“Kourtney”), Frankie Rodriguez (“Carlos”), Kate Reinders (“Miss Jenn”), Olivia Rose Keegan (“Lily”) and Olivia Rodrigo (“Nini”). This lineup points to two questions, though. Why is Olivia Rodrigo last on the list and where are Larry Sapertein (Big Red) and Joe Serafini (Seb)? Will Olivia’s character, Nini, take on a smaller part in season 3? Did Big Red and Seb stay in Salt Lake City, Utah for the summer? Time will only tell.