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Catch it here first! We are on the lookout for the freshest, hottest and coolest YA trailers as they come out, with the bare basics laid out for your enjoyment. Watch this space and enjoy, coming soon to a theater near you!


Summed up as:
Yet another rom-com that asks that burning question: can straight men and women just be friends with each other? (Hint: if they’re making a movie about it, prolly not.) The big difference here is that the boy is played by none other than Harry P—sorry, we mean Daniel Radcliffe.
Weirdest thing in the trailer:Adam Driver of course, but gleefully so. And specifically how he sounds exactly like Adam Sackler in Girls here. Like not only the same speaking voice, but the same type of dialog too.
Most beautiful thing? The lovely lovely Zoe Kazan, who also will soon shine in Tribeca standout In Your Eyes.
Worth seeing it opening weekend? While it might be tempting to see how Radcliffe does here, this looks supremely rentable VOD-able.

ANNIE – second trailer

Summed up as: A-nother reboot, this one of the iconic stage musical about an orphan redhead who believes in the power of “Tomorrow” (the 1982 film is still a major fave for many).
Weirdest thing in the trailer: We’re still not getting how exactly Cameron Diaz is channeling Miss Hannigan. After the unbridled brilliance that was Carol Burnett, Cameron seems to just be doing…Cameron Diaz.
Cutest thing? It’s a tossup between Quvenzhané Wallis (from the brilliant Beasts of the Southern Wild) and Bridesmaids’ Rose Byrne’s British accent.
Worth seeing it opening weekend? For the tunes…sure, why not!


Summed up as: A film that definitely calls to mind similar fare from the 80s, this seems like part Wall-E, part ET and part Transformers.
Weirdest thing in the trailer: The ‘found footage’ aspect. It’s getting way old to try and convince an audience that en entire film’s story can be captured on cameras operated by characters within the world of the film. Even when successful (like in Cloverfield), it’s a stretch.
Worth seeing it opening weekend? This seems way derivative.

Clouds of Sils Maria

Summed up as: A thought-provoking film in the style of All About Eve, this little nugget brings together two rather huge YA film megastars, Kristen Stewart and Chloe Grace Moretz, alongside the exquisite French actress Juliette Binoche.
Weirdest thing in the trailer: Kristen Stewart playing the wallflower. She needs to face it: she’s too beautiful to blend in.
Coolest thing? Chloe Moretz, as a scene-stealing scandalous actress in the style of LiLo, looks like she’s having lots of fun here.
Worth seeing it opening weekend? Chloe? Kristen? Juliette? Yes!


Summed up as: A father-son fable involving jazz, booze and pretty ladies (the prettiest of which is Maiara Walsh, of The Starving Games and Switched at Birth).
Coolest thing in the trailer: Aside from the jazz itself, New Orleans clearly plays a pivotal role here too.
Funniest thing? Bobby Campo (a beautiful actor in his own right) reacting to his drunk father parading around naked.
Worth seeing it opening weekend? This is a smaller film, so if you’re in the mood….


Summed up as: Another festival favorite, this is the Once director’s effort to continue his winning streak with another musical romance.
Weirdest thing in the trailer: Adam Levine starts off as heavily featured here (he plays Keira Knightley’s significant other), but we barely hear him utter a line of dialog. Instead he croons for the rest of the trailer. Are they worried about his acting?
Coolest thing? We love Mark Ruffalo, and will get behind anything he does.
Worth seeing it opening weekend? We just hope it’s better than some of Keira’s other recent work, like Laggies…


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