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Star-Crossed is the CW’s newest show and we have a first-look review right here! We start in flashback. When he was six years old, Roman and his entire family crash-landed on the planet the earth. He makes his way into a farmhouse and hides out, terrified. A little girl, Emery, finds him and takes care of him. Shortly thereafter, the government captures Roman and his people. They’re quickly isolated from the rest of the world and surrounded by barbed-wire fences and big army men with guns. It’s the year 2024 and the government decides to create a program for the Atrians, so that they can go to school with the humans. It’s only then that Roman and Emery reconnect, only to have it taken away.


While alien storylines are difficult to make fresh, the writers managed to do so by staying away from the “let’s do experiments on them” and quickly exploring the struggles of coexisting. The technology is funny, but manages to feel authentic. These are real people, just set in the future.


Malese Jow is a fresh face to watch and one of our favorites right out the gate. Malese plays Julia, a cancer patient that runs the risk of being terminated any second.  Malese stands out and really nails the role. It’s in those last seconds of the first episode, where you know this girl is going to be one of the things grounding future episodes.


Aimee Teegarden and Matt Lanter have great chemistry. Matt’s acting is a little rocky at first, but gets way better in the second episode Aimee is solid right out the gate. This is probably because of her extensive background in Friday Night Lights.  One interesting artistic aspect is the planet tattoos that the Atrians have. They are unique for each character and placed in such a way that really tells a whole story about where these people come from.


Something about Grey Damon as Grayson, and the love triangle with Aimee and Matt, really shows just how talented Aimee is. By playing the part so well, and giving her emotions to both Matt and Grey, it’s hard to say which guy she should end up with.


Star-Crossed still needs to come into its own. However, with it’s futuristic world that’s being populated by aliens, there’s a heart felt quality that shows a side of falling in love and what it means to be a struggle.


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