It’s been a banner year for young adult actors and some of our favorite television on ABC Family. While we’re sad to see these shows head off for hiatus, absence makes the heart grow fonder…basically we can’t wait until they come back already! To help lessen the blow, we’ve recapped our favorite ABCF shows and what we’re most looking forward to when they come back this fall!

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Switched at Birth

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What Happened: Graduation came up quickly for Bay and Daphne, and everyone was reflecting, thinking and healing.

The Takeaway: Blood is thicker than water, healing takes time and love conquers all.

Breakout Performance: Kate Leclerc delivered consistently on point performances and made us cry more than once.

We Can’t Wait: We can’t wait to see how the relationship with Bay and Daphne unfolds post-graduation and after a summer of healing.


The Fosters

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What Happened: After the GU home burned down the Quinns are trying to help Callie and the Girls get back on their feet by hosting a fundraiser as well as a DTR talk between Robert Quinn and Callie.

The Takeaway: One stroke of bad luck can undo years of good work but if you have good friends and family around you it can help in putting things back together.

Breakout Performance: Rosie O’Donnell’s guest starring role as Rita was amazing and surprising.

We Can’t Wait: The aftermath of the conversation between Robert and Callie should be interesting to say the least.


Chasing Life

Chasing Life image

What Happened: After watching April struggle all season with her diagnosis, she finally got into the nitty gritty and started chemo.

The Takeaway: Laughter can often be the best medicine.

Breakout Performance: Italia Ricci managed to surprise and delight in her turn as April.

We Can’t Wait: We can’t wait to find out what happens to Leo and how April will do with her new course of treatment.



Pretty Little Liars girls

What Happened: Arguably the most shocking season yet still has us asking more questions than we have answers for. Caleb and Hanna briefly reunite, Christmas decorations are going up and Spencer dons a nurse’s uniform in the summer finale.

The Takeaway: No one is safe in Rosewood.

Breakout Performance: Janel Parrish was so fun to watch be deliciously awful.

We Can’t Wait: We can’t wait to see how the holidays unfold in Rosewood and what happens with Haleb.



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