Actor Anthony Keyvan | Rahim from Love, Victor Season 3 Plays a Game of “Most Likely To”

Have you been binging the new season of Love, Victor? Well, here at YEM, we can’t get enough of season 3! We got the chance to sit down with Anthony Keyvan, who stars as Rahim, and play a game of “most likely to” out of his fellow castmates! If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll definitely want to see who Anthony chooses for some of the questions we asked him.

Anthony answered some fun questions, like “who’s most likely to sleep through an earthquake?” and “most likely to end up on Broadway?” out of the Love, Victor cast. Anthony also spilled some secrets about his fellow cast members, including one of the show’s stars who’s apparently most likely to get lost in their hometown, fake their own death, and go a week without a shower! Anthony also gave us some answers in character, so we got to find out who’s “most likely to” out of the characters on the show for a few questions! Be sure to watch the full video and see if one of your favorite Love, Victor characters is mentioned by Anthony. 

Wanna find out more about the characters and the show? Well, you’re in luck! YEM got to sit down and do a full interview with Anthony along with the “most likely to” game, so be sure to go to our website and YouTube channel to see what Anthony had to say about his time on the show. We had such a great time interviewing Anthony and we can’t thank him enough! You can catch Rahim on Season 3 of the Love, Victor exclusively on Disney+ and Hulu. Also, if you’re a fan of the show, be sure to check out some of YEM’s other exclusive Love, Victor content and interviews!