Actress Valeria Jauregui stars in Deputy

Valeria Jauregui is making her mark on the small screen on the show Deputy. The hit FOX drama was even picked up for another season. Valeria stars as the main character’s daughter, Maggie. She’s also a singer and has competed in Miss Teen Texas. Valeria spoke with YEM about starring on Deputy. Plus her interesting audition story and much more!

Young Entertainment Mag: How did you first get involved in acting?
Valeria Jauregui: I was a timid child in public and outgoing in my room and where I felt comfortable. My mom, who has always had an unwavering faith in me, pushed me to audition for theatre and that’s sort of where it all began. I guess I just felt such rapturous joy when acting that I never wanted to stop. I’m also a very demonstrative person by nature, so that helps.

YEM: What was your first time performing on stage?
Valeria: Well, I grew up in a performing arts group and was a competitive dancer. I started singing lessons at four years old. So I can’t recall which one of those was my first time on stage, but I do treasure my primary lead roles doing theatre. It was in those times that I felt at home on stage and realized it was my favorite place. I would say playing Annie at a theatre in San Antonio is a solid countable first. Because it was my early lead and my first time feeling that stage magic.

YEM: You star in the Fox drama Deputy. What was your audition like for the show?
Valeria: I booked Deputy in quite a funny way actually. I recorded the audition with my oldest brother who, of all of us in the family, is the least talented when it comes to showing the slightest bit of emotion. His dead voice pitch and mannerisms were what lead to me transmitting exaggerated sarcasm to try to push his reader skills. And I guess they liked it and I got the role.

Credit: X Level Inc. and Jorge Campos

YEM: You play the main character’s daughter Maggie. Do you have anything in common with your character?
Valeria: Well, I think Maggie gets sarcastic with her parents sometimes and I for sure do all the time. We are both really understanding and love our family.

YEM: How did the show handle the balance between work and family?
Valeria: Well, I had to become homeschooled. I also graduated a year early to be able to work more so it forced me to work harder with school. When I decided to dedicate myself to such a hard industry, I also chose to sacrifice a lot of typical teenage experiences. So as much as I try to see my friends and go out and have fun, I usually end up having to cancel because something work-related came up. I have a few very close friends who understand entirely and help me balance everything out as well. 

YEM: What do you think show business will be like when shows resume filming?
Valeria: I have no idea, but I’m sure many restrictions will be in place because of everything. It’s crazy because the actors can’t wear a mask while doing scenes, so maybe we introduce a new TV-style with masks! No, I seriously have no clue and hope everything goes back to normal soon to keep working.

YEM: If you could have had any actor guest star on Deputy, who would you want it to be and why?
Valeria: It’s hard to choose because I admire so many actors. But I know another popular Fox show is 911: Lone Star. Rob Lowe is the lead in that. And I’ve been a fan of his since Parks and Recreation so that could’ve been a fun guest star!