Actresses Mikaela Phillips And Nicole Wright Talk Magic Wars

Today, Olivia chatted with the young stars of the MAGIC WARS book trailer, Mikaela Phillips and Nicole Wright!  The second book in Chrys Phillips’ series, THEY’RE GATHERING, will be published July 2013. So check out what the girls have to say about starring in a book trailer, being a young actress in LA, and how they match up with the characters they portray!

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Heroes are being born and heroes are being slaughtered… When an immortal army arrives in Lakeview, they threaten the peace and lives of everyone…especially bad boy Zavier. He has pledged to protect the secret hidden in Velvet Forest, will he sacrifice his own immortality as doom confronts him? Tangled in this war are teenagers Rick, Miki and CJ who just want a ‘normal’ summer break, but when a curse from the black enchantress Obee’ra unleashes the damned and the wild beasts,  they must prepare for this bloodthirsty war that is now upon them! A horrific battle of lost and reunited love, power, magic and slaughter ignites! These immortals are here to avenge and take back what is rightfully theirs…because now, They’re Gathering…

Revengeful Heart cover They're Gathering cover The Forgotten Soul cover