Adventure Into a “Strange World” with Disney’s Latest Teaser Trailer

Disney is back at it again with another animated movie that is sure to tug at our heartstrings. The teaser trailer for the studio’s newest film, titled Strange World and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, came out on June 6th, amassing over 3 million views on YouTube. Needless to say, people are pretty excited about what this new feature will bring. In the past few years, Disney’s animated films have appealed to not only children but also adults, as they have not failed to include messages relevant to anyone at any stage of life.

The trailer starts off with an old-time sepia filter and funky UFO flying over the Disney castle, before color comes back onscreen to reveal a bright alien planet where the adventure will take place. The narration in the background is reminiscent of an Old Hollywood space movie, so it’ll be interesting to see how Disney incorporates this nostalgic style into a contemporary film. After getting a glimpse of the ‘strange word,’ the trailer introduces us to Searcher Clade, the main character of the movie. While he’s the son of an explorer, Clade says that he is a farmer who isn’t cut out for this adventure. He’s joined by a few other characters who we will hopefully find out more about in the next trailers.

Strange World

One of the most striking things about the teaser, though, is the animation. It seems like every time you see a Disney trailer, you’re reminded of why they are a powerhouse in the animation industry. The characters are realistic, but still have a Disney-like charm about them, and the world around the explorers comes to life with bright colors and seamless movements – which is definitely quite strange!

Between the characters, animation, and heartwarming plot, Strange World should be a fun, exhilarating adventure that joins the list of top-tier movies that have come from Disney in recent years. Be sure to watch the teaser trailer here, and see the film in theaters this Thanksgiving. Also, don’t forget to check out any exclusive content about Strange World and other Disney movies here at YEM!