Is Anastasia a Disney princess?

A few month ago, 20th Century Fox was bought by Disney. This means that all 20th Century Fox movies are now under the Disney brand. Movies such as Alien, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Avatar.

But there’s one movie in particular that fans are really curious about. It’s a movie that’s so magical and musical, many assumed it was already a Disney movie before. That movie: Anastasia.

The movie Anastasia is about a young Russian girl named Anya. She lost her memory as a child and doesn’t know who her biological family is. The only clue she has is a locket that says, “Together in Paris.”

In an effort to find her family in Paris, she meets Dimitri, a young con man. (And possibly the most attractive cartoon character of all time). Dimitri wants to find the missing Russian duchess, Anastasia. And he comes up with a plan to pass off Anya as the Russian princess.

But after traveling to Paris, Dimitri soon discovers that Anya could be the lost princess everyone is searching for.

The movie has a great cast, adorable animals, and awesome music. The movie is such a great musical, that people often associate it with the classic films made by Disney.

But now with the 20th Century Fox deal, Anastasia is a princess owned by Disney. And fans are asking – does that automatically make her a Disney Princess?

It’s certainly possible. She has so many of the same qualities: she was born into royalty. She loves to sing. Her best friend is her dog, Pooka. She has a kind heart. She dances around in a big, beautiful dress. The soundtrack to her movie has been nominated for the biggest awards in entertainment. And she falls in love with a man who could easily pass for a prince. Plus, there has even been a musical on Broadway based on her movie. Sounds like the traits of a Disney princess in the making!

What do you think? Does the Disney/20th Century Fox deal automatically make Anastasia a Disney princess? Does Anastasia fit in with the idea of a Disney princess? Do you hope to see Anastasia photo ops in Disney theme parks one day? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!