Artist Ben Hazlewood opens up to YEM about songwriting experience

Artist Ben Hazlewood is a singer from New Zealand who started songwriting at a young age.  Since then he utilized this hobby to help him cope with the struggles of life as he got older.  Hazlewood opened up to YEM and helped us understand how music has impacted his life and how he’s grown through the experiences he’s been given.


YEM: When did you first put pen to paper? 

BH:     I started writing when I was 11/12.  I was going through a whole bunch of heavy stuff at that time and it was like my therapy. Anything I could express verbally I put into lyrics and melodies it was therapeutic for me.


YEM: What are some of the lyrics you created that mean the most to you?

BH:     Recently, I’ve been singing songs I wrote a couple years ago and get pretty emotional when I really listen and interpret what I was trying to say.  I think those moments mean the most to me, that I can write something almost subconsciously and not fully understand what it means until a year later.


YEM: What messages are you trying to share with your sound?

BH:     My sound and lyrical content can come from a dark place but always looking to a brighter more hopeful light. When people can relate to that and use the music to feel strength to help them though whatever they are going through, then I guess that’s the message.

YEM: What was it like collaborating with another artist? What’s that process like?

BH:     Working with Gin Wigmore has been incredible. She took me to church in terms of songwriting and pulled something out of me that I didn’t even know was there. It’s almost like I’ve started again. Having an incredible talent like hers guide you through is seriously powerful.


YEM: What was one challenge you were able to overcome? How did you overcome it?

BH:     Life! I’ve been through a whole bunch throughout my time and really looking back the only thing that has kept me together is music.

YEM: What has been your favorite part?

BH:     Any time I can truly stop and appreciate what I have created is the best part.


YEM: What goes through your mind when you get up on stage?

BH:     It is the best high for me.  It’s where I can breathe and let everything go.


YEM: Whom would you like to work with in the future?

BH:     I really want to keep working with people who expand my view and open my eyes to songwriting to create more truthful authentic music.

YEM: What are your top 5 songs or what songs are you currently listening to?

BH:     we don’t eat – James Vincent McMorrow

Adore – Amy Shark

Blood in the cut – K.Flay

Plastic – Moses Sumney

Devils whisper – Raury


Ben Hazlewood is an inspirational figure and YEM is glad to have been given the opportunity to learn more about such a talented individual.  Be sure to check out his new music video, “Sail Away” available now!