Atypical S4: Everything You Need To Know

Keir Gilchrist is returning to Netflix as everyone’s favorite autistic boy in Atypical season 4. He’s finally going to college!

Atypical is a Netflix comedy-drama directed by Robia Rashid. It is about Sam, a boy on the autistic spectrum who decides he is ready for romance. From watching the show the fans get a glimpse of what it is like to live in the shoes of a person on the spectrum and live in the shoes of those who have to learn to live with a person on the spectrum. It can sometimes become overwhelming for both parties but it also has its good times. The fans have realized that Sam goes through a lot of things that normal teenagers go through. So, they’re not so different after all. 

It has been announced that season four will end the show. Sam moves in with his best friend Zahid (played by Nik Dodani) and now he not only has to think about college, he also has to consider what he wants to do after college. Sam’s got a lot on his mind!

Also seen from the trailer is the “typical” Sam’s mom Elsa (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh) trying to keep her precious baby in her nest for as long as she can. This leaves him doubting himself on whether he can even live somewhere else other than home. Sam’s experience sleeping somewhere other than his home hasn’t been a good one. Back in season 2, he tried sleeping over at Zahid’s house but he just left in the middle of the night and he got in a bit of trouble with the cops. Hopefully, though, he can overcome this fear and learn to adapt to new surroundings.

The show has evolved to include his entire family. Casey has come out and started to date girls. She is seen in the trailer dating Izzie (played by Fivel Stewart), the girl she met at her new prep school. Elsa seems very supportive and on-board with it but it looks like her dad, Doug (played by Michael Rapaport) doesn’t know yet. Casey has been trying to beat around the bush with him, stalling. Izzie is seen pushing her to tell him because they have always been so supportive of most that she does. 

Sam is finally growing up and creeping out of his shell. The other family members are also learning to grow as a family and find their own way in this world. You check out the development in the recent trailer on YouTube! Make sure to check out the series on July 9th!