Austin Mahone has a new music video!

Austin Mahone released a new music video for catchy single, “Dirty Work.”

19-year-old Austin Mahon released his first single off his upcoming album, ‘Dirty Work’ earlier this month. In fact, he released the single earlier than expected due to fan demands. And demand is only going up. The Youtube-made celebrity has just released a new music video for ‘Dirty Work’ and it features some swoon worthy moments with Austin and his new office mate. It’s only proving he’s in hot commodity with almost a million views in less than 24 hours.

The music video starts with an uptight boss telling Austin he’s in charge for the night. Oh, and introducing him to the new member of the office. Who’s first day in an office starts at 6:00pm? Let’s just ignore that and cut to Austin and his coworkers dancing, lots of office flirting and funny office worker testimonials.

Here’s our quick synopsis:

Austin Meets Girl     Austin Mahone Still

Lots of FlirtingAustin Mahone Still

Austin falls in loveAustin Mahone Still

No really, he says “I love her.”

Other people love Austin though.

Austin Mahone Still

“He kinda smells like new envelopes.”

Austin only has eyes for one woman.

Austin Mahone Still

Their love becomes public. Austin Mahone Still

Everyone celebrates.Austin Mahone Still

Austin Mahone Still

Key personnel form a One Direction Tribute band.

 Austin Mahone Still

Austin looks at us like this.

Austin Mahone Still

Thank you, Sir. #swoon

 Austin’s album is set to drop later this year. Young Entertainment can’t wait!