Bella Delle on her new music video Won’t Break My Heart

Bella Delle is a singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress. She just recently released her new single “Won’t Break my Heart”. Along with the new single she also released a brand new music video to go along with it! Her music is recognizable and catchy while still conveying strong emotions to her listeners. Bella was born in New York, but is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. YEM was able to interview Bella and speak to her about her new song. She also spoke about what the process was like filming her music video, how her sound developed, and so much more. It was great getting to know so much more about Bella and her career. She spoke a lot about her music and about herself as well.

When asked “How important is it that a song that has such a great message is now out?” Bella stated that “The song is really important to me, because I am trying to send a message to my listeners. That message is to just let people go who don’t appreciate or respect your personality and you. Just stay strong and move on. She was also asked “With your “Feelings” EP having come out in 2021, do you have any plans on the horizon to release a full album?” She responded by saying “Definitely! I just don’t have a timeline of when I am going to release it, but I hope it’s going to come soon. And I am still writing a lot more songs.”

Make sure to watch the full interview that YEM did with Bella below to find out so much more about her. The interview was very informative and was a fun way to learn more about Bella as a person, as well as her music. Do not forget to listen to her new song “Won’t Break my Heart” as well.