Bella Masala shares the reality of ghosting in her novel

Bella Masala is not only an author, but a creator of art of all sorts. She recently quit her job to pursue her passion in writing, which she crafts with love. Bella recently released her first book, The Ghost Queen. In the book, it had been over a year since Bella last spoke to Drew. She purposely ghosted him as she did everyone else she knew. Yet as she laid in bed reminiscing on the good ol’ days, the disturbing news came through. The daunting details of shameful memories creeped in from her mirrored past. They uncovered brutal secrets of callous abuse and vicious betrayal. As Bella looked for more desperate ways to bury the truth, she painfully realized that it was too late. Bella Masala spoke with YEM about her budding career and she’s taking over our Twitter account today!

Young Entertainment Mag: You recently decided to persuade your passion of writing full time. When did you know you wanted writing to be your career?

Bella Masala: I’ve always enjoyed writing. It was something that came very natural to me. And I believe it was during the pandemic when I really started digging deeper into it. 

I was working as a nurse before I had truly decided. However, I remember just sitting on my bed at the time exhausted from working a 16 hour shift. But as I sat there, I found myself rummaging through some of my old journals that I wrote in as a kid. And it was through a few tears honestly that I remember asking myself, when did I stop dreaming. 

For my entire life I’ve always dreamt to be a writer. To read, to write and to travel the world were the only three things I truly ever cared about. And for that brief minute, it felt like my dream was slipping away. 

Yeah, a ‘career’ in writing may not be as stable as a career in nursing but I wholeheartedly felt like it was my time to pursue a life of passion, and not to mention to take more risks.

YEM: What is it about writing that speaks to you?

Bella: Writing is my way of self-expression. Mostly because I enjoy the way beautiful words pour out effortlessly on paper. It’s my way of creating art. And honestly, I think I’m much better at expressing myself through words and punctuated sentences than anything else lol. 

I’ve been journaling since I was seven. And in a way, it has helped me to develop my ideas and feelings. Even my personality. 

I stand behind the idea that writing can transform your emotions and ideas into real life experiences, so much that I plan to push out creative journal designs and diaries for all ages. 

YEM: Your new book is called The Ghost Queen. Can you tell us about it?

Bella: The Ghost Queen is a poetic memoir, surrounding a time in my life where I went through a series of heartaches and heartbreaks, revealing explicit reasons on why I ‘vanished.’ I feel like most people are often perplexed as to the reasons why people ghost them and I believe The Ghost Queen can help give you an insight as to why. 

YEM: Where did the inspiration for this story come from?
Bella: I felt inspired to write out The Ghost Queen after stalking my ex on social media lol. Honestly, I was reading through his tweets one day and really thought I owed it to myself to share my side of the story. And what a self-healing journey it turned out to be. 
YEM: The main character shares the same name as you! Is she directly based off of you?
Bella: That’s actually interesting because the name was inspired by one of my favorite films, Mississippi Masala. And yes, the character is directly based on me.
YEM: This story deals with romance, regret and death in the world of technology. Do you find that social media can be an overwhelming place? How is the digital world portrayed in this book?
Bella: Yes, social media can be overwhelming at times. I feel like it’s completely unnatural to interact with so many things at once, especially when communicating. So I definitely spend, at the most, 2 hours a week on social media.
I made sure to portray how the digital world can affect our moods and emotions, creating insecurities, depression, anger, even fear. I’m sure back in the day it was much more difficult to ‘stalk’ your ex on social media and plague yourself with their whereabouts or who they might be involved with. When you ended things in a relationship, they just ended. But now there’s a world of technology that allows you to insinuate conflict and confusion stretching from non-responses via text messages to daily likes on Instagram.

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