“The Best of Both Worlds”: ‘Famous in Love’ meets ‘Hannah Montana’

Many people dream of being famous, but very few get to experience that dream coming true. Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) and Paige Townsen (Bella Thorne) are both part of that lucky few. One is long gone, and one is finishing up it’s first season run. However, both shows are about a young woman trying to balance her celebrity status with her ordinary life. Read below as we go through some comparisons and contractions between the two.

  1. The Old and The New

In Hannah Montana, Hannah otherwise known as Miley Stewart is established and famous at the start of her series. Miley is putting on huge sellout concerts and known by pretty much everyone. Famous In Love shows Paige before she gets her big break into stardom. Paige is going to college in LA and studying science. Paige’s friend convinces her to go to an open audition, for which she ends up getting the role. It isn’t too long before Paige turns up on everyone’s radar. If the two shows were connected, Paige would probably steal the spotlight from Hannah and overshadow her a bit when Paige gets the part in Locked.

  1. Singing vs. Acting

Both Miley and Paige are pretty young women with millions of adoring fans. However, they’re in two different branches of the entertainment industry. Miley became teen pop singer Hannah Montana, similar to many Disney Channel stars. Paige is an actress working on a new franchise feature film.

  1. The Best Friend

Both characters have their best friends, which aren’t famous. For Hannah, there is Lily and Oliver. For Paige, there is Jake and Cassandra. However, Lily and Oliver for the most part, didn’t want to get into music like Miley. Paige’s friends aspire to find their big break in the film industry, which adds a different dynamic to their relationships on the show.

  1. Hidden in Plain Sight

The entire theme of Hannah Montana is “The best of both worlds.” Hannah is a persona created by Miley; very similar to Clark Kent and Superman. One gets all the attention, and the other gets to live a normal life. Much of her story was about the struggle of balancing both lives. Paige, on the other hand, has no persona to protect her identity. Paige lived in the world of normality, and is thrown into the world of stardom. Her story is about the struggle of adjusting from one life to the other.

There is much more to be seen from both type of entertainment based shows.  If you were a fan of Hannah Montana (which you probably were if you’re reading this), then be sure to check out Famous In Love on Freeform. Bella Thorne delivers a fantastic performance, and there’s bound to be a lot of excitement in the last few episodes of the season.  All episodes of Famous In Love can be streamed on the Freeform app, website, and Hulu with new episodes coming Tuesday at 9/8c.