Books any college student should read

Today’s students don’t read books at all; all they want is gadgets, social media, and partying. Do you really tend to think so? What if we said they just need to be interested? Think of yourself as a student, you too, it was hard to sit in one place, and wanted as soon as possible to finish things, to go for a walk with friends. Here they are in the same way. So in order for a young person to sit down for a book, it definitely must be interesting, exciting and useful! There are many books that are exciting to read and are often the reason for sleepless nights and turning to write my essay service to close the gaps in studies. And our top 10 books for students are just that. 

 “Bridge to Terabithia” , Katherine Paterson 

A book about awesome friendship, adventure, and a world of its own. The main character is high school student Jess Aarons, and he’s been training all summer to become the best runner in his class. And he would have achieved his goal if he hadn’t been beaten by newcomer Leslie Burke. But that loss didn’t stop a true friendship from forming, and the kids spend all day in the woods, where they make up a magical kingdom – Terabithia. And in the real world, they face difficulties at school, tests of strength, little fears and… Understanding that they must always move forward. The touching world of Terabithia, as well as the pinching story of friendship, will forever be remembered by children and adults alike. “Bridge to Terabithia” has been listed as an outstanding work of children’s literature by the American Literary Association.

“The Self-Confidence Code”, Katie Kay  

 Teenage girls are just beginning to understand themselves and their desires and skills. And they don’t yet know that they really can do anything. Often teenagers doubt their abilities and need the protection and support of those around them. This book is a source of inspiration that girls lack on their way to becoming. It explains how not to be afraid of your desires and become a strong person with high self-esteem. By the way, the book contains not only tips on how to develop self-confidence, but also the stories of real girls who managed to overcome fear, cope with failure and, despite the negative experience, move on.

“The Empire of Angels”, Bernard Werber 

Is there life after life on Earth? This is a question everyone could ask themselves, because everyone wants to understand, and what to believe in. “Angels” – a series of novels written by one of the most popular contemporary French writers. What do we know about angels, what their job is, do we even believe in them? If you don’t believe it, you certainly will, because the story of Michael Panson, who embarked on the work of a guardian angel, is a very fascinating and realistic one. Of course, the story itself is fictional, but it is based on the Buddhist theory of reincarnation – the rebirth of the soul. Maybe you got to the information about this book for a reason.

” Fahrenheit 451″ , Ray Bradbury 

The best way to begin to appreciate books and understand how they should be handled is to read this book. What’s the point of walking when you can drive a car? What’s the point of reading when you can watch television? What’s the point of being a citizen when you can just be a consumer? Imagine if this philosophy won out in the distant (or already not so distant) future for us: the authorities don’t need people who think, who dream about something that money can’t buy. This means that books are unnecessary, harmful, and therefore subject to incineration. The book is the story of the “fireman in reverse,” a man whose job was to go out on calls for service, to find books from people who voluntarily refused to destroy them. His job was to burn the forbidden printed matter with a flamethrower. But books, even burned ones, have the power to change people’s hearts. Read about the magic in this particular book.

“The Call of the Wild” , Jack London   

This is the story of the amazing fate of a dog named Beck, who was kidnapped, taken to Alaska and sold to gold prospectors. It was not easy for a family dog to adjust to life in the harsh edges of the wild north. And the difficulties were not only because of the cold weather and harsh snowfalls, but also because of the cruelty and self-righteousness of people. The book will show how much animals are similar to people, and people are similar to animals. And it will also reveal the themes of love, loyalty, the relationship between animals and humans, and, of course, ancestors.

“Castle in the Clouds” , Kerstin Gier

 It’s either a detective, or a light horror, or a romantic, light story. All of these genres are present in Kersten Geer’s book. “Castle in the Clouds,” an old luxury hotel in the mountains, awaits guests on Christmas Eve. Seventeen-year-old maid Fanny, along with the hotelier’s son Ben and the rest of the staff, are up to their necks in work before greeting visitors at the highest level. Suddenly it catches Fanny’s eye that some of the guests are not who they say they are. What secret plans are hiding behind the velvet drapes? Does the valuable diamond really belong to the oligarch’s wife? And why does handsome boy Tristan climb the walls instead of using the stairs? When Fanny and Ben set out to untangle the tangle, she has no idea that she will soon find herself in the middle of a dangerous adventure that could cause her to lose not only her job but also her heart. The book has a magical Christmas atmosphere, holiday magic, and optimism. The plot may not be particularly original, but the story is so cozy that you want to wrap up in it like a soft plaid.

“Girl Online”,  Zoe Sugg 

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a blogger? Putting your whole life online and making money from vids. This book is about one of those girls. Penny is sixteen, and like many teenagers, her life is not as easy as it seems. The girl is passionate about photography, she has a best friend Elliot, but at the same time she can’t find common ground with her peers. She talks honestly and frankly about her frustrations, confusions, relationships with guys and panic attacks on her blog under the nickname Girl Online. But soon it’s as if the whole world is rebelling against her. And Penny, along with her family and Elliott, flees to New York for Christmas, where she suddenly falls in love. It’s the most romantic Christmas of her life, but soon the girl finds herself in the middle of an online scandal.