Bria Danielle Singleton shares what it’s like doing her own stunts in Thunder Force

Bria Danielle Singleton is a rising star who can be seen in Netflix’s new movie Thunder Force. The move is a superhero comedy film starring Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy. The movie even made Netflix’s Top 10 list after its release! In the movie, Bria plays the younger teen version of Octavia Spencer’s character Emily. Bria has been acting since she was eight months old. YEM spoke with Bria about her experience and what it was like to see herself in Thunder Force!

Young Entertainment Mag: You are part of the new action-comedy Thunder Force. Did you enjoy shooting this type of film?

Bria Danielle Singleton: I really enjoyed shooting this film very much. Thunder Force is my biggest project so far and I was able to showcase my talent more.

YEM: You have been on television screens since you were 8 months old. How is this film different from anything you have done before?

Bria: Thunder Force is the first job I’ve booked where I had to take a flight out to go shoot. Also, I was away from home for 2 weeks which is the longest I’ve been away from my family, and the second I got adjusted to the time difference, I was on my back home. lol

YEM: In Thunder Force, there is a whole lot of action. Did you have to do any stunts?

Bria: Yes, I had stunt training. It wasn’t anything too dangerous.  I had to learn how to fall down without hurting myself.

YEM: What is it like being in a movie with Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy? What were you able to pick up from them on set in terms of your acting?

Bria: Sadly, I didn’t meet Ms. Octavia but Mrs. Melissa was on set a lot and she was very supportive throughout filming.

YEM: Your character Emily is the younger version of Octavia Spencer’s character. Did you speak with Octavia about the character before playing the role?

Bria: No unfortunately, she was working on another project so I didn’t get to meet her. I know I will meet her soon, and I can’t wait!

YEM: What can you tell us about young Emily?

Bria: She’s the type of friend your parents would love. She’s kind, responsible, organized, has a plan for her future.

YEM: This film is about two best friends. What did the film teach you about friendship?

Bria: That opposites really do attract, and friendships can form in strange places.

YEM: Do you have any funny memories from your set that you can share?

Bria: A funny memory happened one of my first days on set. I was introduced to everyone and someone said “Let’s go to hair and makeup to meet Melissa” but for some reason it didn’t process it was Melissa McCarthy! When I walked in the trailer, she was just there and I was like OMG! OMG! OMG!

YEM: In the film there are superheroes with super powers. What would be your super power if you could choose one?


YEM: What are some of your dream roles for the future?

Bria: My dream role would be a lead on some type of drama on tv or film. I think drama is my strong suit and it’s my favorite genre.

Thunder Force is now streaming on Netflix!