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Original author: Michael Grant


Noah and Sadie have seen death, and it holds no fear for them. Madness does, though. And losing each other. But they will not sit back, helpless witnesses to an invisible apocalypse. The world is being destroyed from the inside out. It’s time to take up the fight once more, in the streets and in the nano. And they’ll give everything they have to stop the Armstrong Twins. But are the Twins the ultimate enemy? Nobody has ever known the identity of Lear, the shadowy leader of BZRK. Just who have they been fighting for? As madness spreads like a plague, one thing becomes terrifyingly clear: this was Lear’s game all along. And Lear hasn’t been playing fair.



In the finale to this science fiction trilogy, Noah and Sadie will learn who’s been controlling them.  Word on the street is that–between Lear and the Armstrong Twins–there is no way that this will end well for our heroes.  Fair warning that this one contains strong sexual and violent elements, but also explores deeply philosophical questions and moral gray areas.

The cover takes a fun perspective, staring up at the helicopter as it hovers between two tall buildings.  We can see some mecha climbing those walls, too, but are they headed up or down?  Overall, the claustrophobic lines and the dulled colors have the viewpoint character surrounded, ready to be dragged off and interrogated.

YA author Michael Grant is the co-author or author of nearly 160 books, including the ANIMORPHS, the EVERWORLD, and the GONE series.  He lives in California with his wife, Katherine Applegate (with whom he co-authored the first two series we mentioned!), and their two children.  Find Michael online at!



In this trilogy finale, the BZRK “death or madness” catchphrase has never been more applicable. … By the end, the heroes stand between two forces—one side wanting to bring humanity’s death, the other madness—and there’s no such thing as a completely happy ending. (Kirkus Reviews)

[B]oth ambitious and riveting. Familiar characters return, but the deft juxtaposition of Lear and Plath—as well as the men in their lives—makes a strong (if gruesome) story even stronger by focusing more on psychological rather than physical damage. (Booklist)



YA Science Fiction

Hardcover & ebook, 400 pages

Published on October 14th 2014 by EgmontUSA (ISBN 1606844083)


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