Call Me Back with Daniella!

For anyone out there looking for a new relatable and honest podcast, check out “Call Me Back”, hosted by one of Young Entertainment’s very own, Daniella!

Daniella is an influencer, model, content creator, and social media strategist from Los Angeles. She works with brands all over the world and boasts over 240k followers on Tik Tok and over 17.5k on Instagram. In the past two years, she has filmed over 3,000 brand videos that have generated millions in revenue for various brands.. “Call Me Back” is her first podcast and she has been releasing weekly episodes since November 2023. The podcast is available on Spotify and is also live on The Clapper on Thursdays at 6 pm PT.

“Call Me Back” is all about relatable and inspirational girl talk and advice. Each week, a new episode explores honest and vulnerable takes on friendships, relationships, hypothetical situations, girl confessions, and dating. Daniella also has segments of the show where she does Reddit readings of “Am I the Red Flag?”, and “Am I the Drama?”. In these readings, Daniella finds situations and stories written by women online asking other’s opinion on if they were in the wrong and will offer her own opinion while also being able to relate to the women in these situations.

Daniella isn’t afraid to share stories and experiences from her own life that will make you laugh, cry, and say “I can definitely relate to this.” In her show, she also shares dating stories, both good and bad, allowing her to get vulnerable with her listeners. For example, in one episode, Daniella shared a story about finding out her boyfriend was talking with another girl. She shared what she learned from this experience and also encouraged girls to focus on the relationships and people in life that put them first. Daniella ends each episode with the podcast’s tagline, “Call me back… love you, bye!”

The “Call Me Back” podcast will make you feel confident and powerful and help you to find a community of women you can connect with. Daniella will uplift you even when you feel down and will be open and honest while doing it. Spend an hour with Daniella each week if you need a pick me up, need a friend, a motivational or inspirational pep talk, or just want some girl time! The “Call Me Back” podcast also has an Instagram account at @call_me_back_podcast where Daniella posts clips and highlights from her show and interacts with followers.