Cedella Marley will be taking over YEM’s Twitter!

Cedella Marley is a musician and the author of Marley and the Family Band. Cedella is a  Grammy-winning singer and the daughter of well known musician Bob Marley. She is the CEO of Bob Marley’s recording label, Tuff Gong International, and has also written other books as well. Cedella will be taking over Young Entertainment Magazine’s twitter later today to speak about her book Marley and the Family Band. On Twitter she will be answering questions all about herself, her family, music,  as well as speaking about her wonderful book!

Cedella’s book, Marley and the Family Band, is a vibrant picture book that celebrates music, love, and family – inspired by a childhood growing up with Bob Marley as a father. The book follows a young girl who moves to a new country and learns to make friends. Cedella Marley assures children that nothing can stop the music as long as they have community. Marley and the Family Band is also filled with amazing illustrations, done by the illustrator of the book Tiffany Rose.

Make sure to check out YEM’s Twitter to see Cedella take over the account. It will be a lot of fun and she will share so much about herself and her book! Do not miss out on an opportunity to be able to learn more about such a wonderful and talented person. Twitter Thursdays are always so much fun and this one is sure to be extra special. Marley and the Family Band was published in February 2022, and is a great book. Do not forget to order or pick it up at a local bookstore!