Chilling Adventures of Sabrina P3 E4 Recap: A Powerless Coven?!

With Part 3 in full swing, Hilda and Zelda Spellman learn of Sabrina’s role as Queen of Hell in Episode 4. This comes at an inopportune time as the coven has weaker powers. And the Dark Lord won’t do anything to help that case unless he can be released. Drinking Angel’s blood is an effective method to restore some of that power. But the sample size that Dorian Gray hands to Sabrina turns out to be too small due to Gray gulping down most of what he extracted.

There is seemingly no other option. The coven decides that bathing in the moonlight of the Hare Moon in the woods is the substitute for the lack of Angel’s blood. This results in a confrontation with the same carnival demons from the previous episode, who are pagans.

Meanwhile, Harvey is uneasy when he learns the same snake charmer lady from the carnival is going out with his dad. Therefore, the teen, Roz, and Theo head to the location of the carnival where she performed, but learn it’s abandoned. Roz decides to head into the booth to sense some of the snake lady’s intentions. But a frightening encounter in which the lady appears out of nowhere leaves Roz sick.

Elsewhere, Nick’s frustration reaches a boiling point. He is always having a drink or getting caught up with sex demons. Amidst his anger, he confronts the Dark Lord and tries to beat him physically. The climax of the episode occurs during the moonlight ritual in the woods. Nick and Sabrina have a heated argument where he states their relationship is not worth everything. And this is after she sees him with the sex demons. This is a critical point in the show as everything Sabrina has done thus far, like become Queen of Hell and such, was for Nick.

Things get worse when the carnival demons swallow the moon and thus interfere with the coven getting power through moonbathing. Feeling unsafe, the coven heads back to the academy only to find snakes on their beds. In addition, Roz now becomes a frozen statue-like figure. Left at a crossroads, there is only one option now. Free the Dark Lord and let him take care of this mess. But before that can happen, Nick is found unconscious in the dungeon after seemingly taking in some red mercury (drugs) prescribed by the Dark Lord. Speaking of which, The Dark Lord is now gone…