Chilling Adventures of Sabrina P3 E6 Recap: Caliban to the Rescue?!

Nick and Sabrina must now go forward in their own separate ways in Part 3, Episode 6 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. For fans of the couple (I don’t know the shipped name, sorry), it will be difficult to see them be without each other. Meanwhile, Ambrose hangs out and questions Gryla and the witches, who were summoned in the previous episode.

In another situation, Robin is done being questioned and has come clean to Theo and Harvey about how he is a pagan. Though he doesn’t want to get involved in the slaughtering the pagans do, the “good guy” explains how his group wants to resurrect the Green Man and therefore Theo and Harvey are intended targets as virgin sacrifices.

However, the biggest concern now is getting Roz back to human form. And of all people, Caliban, yes that suave prince of hell, appears with a plan to fix Roz. A Pygmalion spell could be utilized and all would be well. However, the sneaky Caliban also suggests to Sabrina they should find the third item of the Unholy Regalia together and rule hell as a duo. He also goes as far as to suggest they get MARRIED!! Fresh off her breakup with Nick, Sabrina decides to keep things political, though the charming Caliban had to shoot his shot.

Things get worse when Sabrina finds the Roz statue shattered in pieces and needs to rearrange the pieces with Harvey. Once that occurs, Caliban finally gathers the group so the spell can be performed. For it to be effective, Harvey must kiss the Roz statue. This is because the spell is geared towards Aphrodite, the Goddess of love. However, the plan backfires as the kiss is rejected because he seemingly doesn’t love Roz (maybe Sabrina?!). Dejected and angry, Harvey confronts Caliban but is held back. Nevertheless, another plan could work to switch back Roz.

Elsewhere, Hilda takes full spider form and devours a Southside Serpent (Riverdale residents would love that). Zelda eventually shoots Hilda, as it is implied. Mambo Marie, the psychic voodoo lady, attempts to teach the Dance of Protection under Prudence’s watch. But an infuriated Zelda quickly expresses her disdain for an outsider leading this ceremony.

All the while, Lilith switches into Adam and attempts to stake out as Ms. Wardwell’s place, but little does she know the Dark Lord/Blackwood finds her easily. After Wardwell is ran out, Lilith does a Ritual of Separation on Blackwood/Dark Lord. But reaches out to Blackwood personally and tries to concoct a plan to keep them both safe once Lucifer is separated.

As for Sabrina, she decides to use the witches’ powers to help. But of course that doesn’t happen without a wine party to get them in a festive mood first. Now supercharged with more powers, Sabrina storms into the carnival, knocking out pagans who dare come after her. Circe the pagan, the one who can reverse the statues, is chained and threatened by Sabrina and her friends. With no choice, Circe changes back Roz, Dorcas, and the jocks.

The episode shockingly ends with Wardwell appearing at Zelda’s door and shooting her, resulting in Zelda collapsing to the floor…