Chilling Adventures of Sabrina P3 E7 Recap: The Unholy Regalia Finale

In Chilling Adventures of Sabrina P3 E7, Zelda ends up in limbo after being shot by Wardwell. She goes in a dream-like trance where she observes a paradise-type life with Hilda cooking and Edward appearing. While that is going on, Lilith successfully extracts the Dark Lord from Blackwood, meaning the two are now their own beings. Lilith is also going to be having the child of Lucifer, a son. The newly freed Blackwood schemes with the pagans and is aiming to take down the Spellmans. And “takedown” means have them dead as this was Blackwood’s exact plan.

Elsewhere, Robin claims he is a goblin, while Roz can sense something wrong with Harvey (uh-oh). She even goes as far as to sense that he may still have feelings for Sabrina (trouble brewing?). As for Sabrina, she goes to hell to find her father, the Dark Lord, there to claim it’s time to conclude the Unholy Regalia. The last remaining unholy item is Judas Iscariot’s thirty silver pieces.

Determined to wrap up the Unholy Regalia challenge, the teen heads to a volcanic cave. They visit Judas, who can still talk while being a statue essentially. She tempts him with water, and he spills a bunch of details on the silver. The easy way to get the final item is through the betrayal of someone you love by a kiss. The drama may now escalate outside hell as Sabrina sets her sights on kissing Harvey. (Only because he’s the best option to kiss in this case). However, she can’t bring herself to do so, which means the only way to get the silver is the hard way (gulp). She must now get them from Vlad the Impaler, the vampire son of Judas, who is lying in the Field of Blood.

While Sabrina attempts to do this, Vlad arises and aims to suck her blood, but he is taken aback by the taste of her blood. Grabbing the silver, Sabrina heads back to Judas only to learn it was the cunning Caliban. The prince instead puts her in Judas’ place and runs off with the silver to try and win the Unholy Regalia. I mean, he always mentions he is made of clay.

While the final lap of the competition was going on, Harvey, Roz, and Theo are confronted by Carcosa. And the snake charmer woman pagans at school. Though they slowly manage to escape with help from Robin, they know safety is an issue. Speaking of safety being an issue, Blackwood stabs Prudence, Mambo Marie, and Zelda. Agatha ends up killing Dorcas, and Circe is found presumably dead. Amidst all the violence, the pagans once again trap the teens and take them for the virgin sacrifice.

At the carnival, Robin is killed for betraying his group, Theo and Roz are tied up, and Harvey becomes the virgin sacrifice that will help resurrect the Green Man. Things are now going per plan for the pagans…