Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3: Top 10 Moments

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 was epic, action-packed, and filled with tons of iconic moments. Here’s a look at the top 10 moments from Part 3:

Episode 1- Sabrina and Company Travel to Hell to Rescue Nick

This was the primary plot point heading into this part. With Roz, Harvey, and Theo, Sabrina navigated hell to reach the city of Pandemonium where Nick was. Her love for her boyfriend was shown on full display as she went to great lengths to reach the city where he was being held captive. She dealt with places like the Blood Red Road and Forest of Torment!

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Episode 1- Sabrina Claims She is Queen of Hell and Brings Nick Back

This was the first appearance of Prince Caliban (Prince of Hell) and his initial proclamation about challenging to take the throne in hell. Not so fast though, as Sabrina claimed she was the Queen of hell (because she’s the Dark Lord’s daughter) just so she could avert Caliban and his challenge. This also meant the Flower of Evil could bring Nick back to Earth along with everyone else. This was the first domino to fall as it resulted in lengthy “Queen of Hell” obligations and challenges for the teen.

Episode 2- Soul Transfer is Done Between Nick and Blackwood

With the Dark Lord still inhabiting Nick after he returns to Earth, he is traumatized. However, when Prudence and Ambrose bring back Father Blackwood from Scotland, a soul transfer is done between Nick and Blackwood where the Dark Lord is now out of Nick’s body and into somebody else. This was the first “sigh of relief” moment for Sabrina as she had her boyfriend back on Earth free from her evil father’s clutches.

Episode 3- Caliban Challenges Sabrina for the Throne

With Sabrina needing to stay true to her obligations as Queen of Hell, she finds herself in a predicament when Caliban demands they participate in the Unholy Regalia challenge to see who rules hell.  Unfortunately, Spellman could not find a way to avert this again as there were rules in place that stated she must accept the challenge. And so began a long and daunting journey for the throne.

Episode 6: Caliban’s Proposals and Plan to Save Roz

Though they are technically considered “enemies,” Caliban appeared on Earth in this episode. He offered a proposal to switch back the statue version of Roz. He also goes as far as to say that he and Sabrina should rule hell together and get married, another proposal. This may have been one of the first signs that Caliban liked her despite their natural rivalry.

Episode 6- Circe is Coerced into Changing Back Roz

With help from Gryla and the summoned witches, Sabrina has supercharged powers and takes down some pagans at the carnival. She captures one of them named Circe. Circe has the powers to change back Roz after the spell Caliban suggested fails. The pagan is ultimately cornered by Sabrina and her friends. And, changes back Roz, Dorcas, and several jocks to their human form.

Episode 7- Sabrina is Duped by Caliban

It seemed Sabrina was on her way to victory in the Unholy Regalia challenge after finding Judas Iscariot’s thirty silver pieces. But, the teen is shocked to find Judas in stone form was Caliban. The sneaky prince then turns Sabrina into stone. Then he runs off with the last item to win the challenge (by cheating). This is before the time-reversal in Episode 8.

Episode 8- Sabrina Travels Back in Time for a Rescue

With a morningstar sword and Blackwood’s time egg, Sabrina aims to fix the mess in Greendale. She heads from the future back to the point before Blackwood attacked Prudence and the pagans resurrected Harvey and took over. This was the climax of the season, as the beginning of this episode showed Sabrina decades into the future with nobody alive except Ambrose. It also meant that Caliban ruled hell and the pagans took over Greendale.

Episode 8- The Pagans are Taken Down

Through using Pesta (The Witch of Disease) to prevent the resurrection that would help the Green Man, the plan for the pagans instead crumbled and Sabrina accomplished her mission of saving Greendale by attacking them with the coven. The powerful pagans died and the town was saved.

Episode 8- Sabrina Becomes the Queen of Hell

What was started at the beginning of the season finally finished in the finale. Sabrina prevented herself from getting bamboozled by Caliban. She turned him into stone before returning to hell with the 30 silver pieces and winning the Unholy Regalia. With the proper attire, the teen then undergoes a coronation and she “officially” becomes Queen of Hell.

What was your favorite moment from Part 3?