“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” star Lachlan Watson talks to YEM

Happy Halloween! To get everyone in the Halloween spirit, Netflix released its newest series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, this past Friday. From the universe of Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina combines elements of horror, drama, and fantasy. The spooky series has spells, witchcraft- everything that makes a great Halloween watch! YEM sat down with Lachlan Watson, who plays Sabrina’s best friend Susie on the show.

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Young Entertainment Mag: Were you familiar with the character of Sabrina before being cast on the show? Maybe from watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch or from the Archie universe (such as Riverdale?)

Lachlan Watson: I was definitely familiar with Sabrina the Teenage Witch before being cast. Not because of the TV show like most people expect, but because I had stacks and stacks of Archie and Sabrina comics in my closet as a kid! 10 year old Lachlan was THRILLED when I heard I was gonna be on this show!!

YEM: Your character is non-binary, which is rarely seen in television shows. What is it like to play a character like that on Netflix?

Lachlan: Unfortunately, my character Susie isn’t non-binary like I am, (at least not yet!) but it has been truly incredible to be queer and to portray positive queerness in such a supportive environment on such an incredible show. I’m also extremely honored to have been given a platform where I can share not only my story, but Susie’s story, and the story of so many other beautiful queer people who don’t have a voice in this world. The world needs more diverse, strong, queer characters in the media, and I’m wildly grateful that I can help show the world just how strong those characters can be.

YEM: Can you relate to your character, Susie?

Lachlan: I can relate to Susie quite a lot, actually! We both share a lot of the same interests and morals, and we’ve both gone through very similar hardships in life. Where Susie and I differ, however, is in that fiery braveness (almost recklessness) that has a funny way of getting them in, and out, of trouble. It’s a characteristic that I very much admire, because it’s something that as a scrawny, queer, anxiety-riddled kid, I had a hard time finding within myself. Even if it does get Susie into trouble here and there, it means they’re never afraid to back down from a fight, or to protect the people they care about, and that’s what I think matters most.

YEM: The first episode deals with your character being harassed. What are your thoughts on this storyline? What is the importance of representing this?

Lachlan: Portraying a kid who gets bullied is never easy. Growing up with anxiety and depression I had my fair share of inner bullies as a kid, but I never experienced the waking nightmare that is the never-ending torment of physical bullies.And because of that, it’s been incredibly eye-opening to not only be thrust into those awful situations and realize just how traumatizing they can be, but to follow along with Susie as they come out the other end stronger than ever before. And through Susie, literally stare down the face of adversity and tell it to bug off!

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YEM: How much input did you have on your character’s story?

Lachlan: Initially, I didn’t have much input on Susie’s storyline, I was just happy to be along for the ride. But after a little while, I started to understand that Roberto (our lovely executive producer/creator extraordinaire) cast me for a reason. Roberto himself told me that part of the reason he was so passionate about casting me in the role of Susie was because as a gender-queer person, I would be able to relate to Susie and understand Susie in a way that no one else on the team could. And in realizing that, I started having more and more conversations with Roberto about Susie’s future and about the gender-queer experience as a whole, and I think together, in having those conversations, we’ve made Susie something that I am not only extremely proud of, but one whose story I am so so SO excited to share with the world.

YEM: The show has already been picked up for a second season. What do you hope is ahead for Susie in Season 2?

Lachlan: I hope that in Season 2, Susie simply continues to dig deep into who they truly are and who they want to be and why! I think we should dive deep into what it truly means to be gender-queer in not only our own mortal world, but the witch world as well!! I want some Susie the Magical Queer Kid realness for Season Two!!

YEM: Finally, today is Halloween. How are you sending your Halloween this year?

Lachlan: I’ll be spending my halloween at work this year!!! Oh, the glamorous life of a film star!!!