Chocolate Theory Confirmed!

For fans of the hit tv series High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, an answer to the fan-led theory that started all the way back in season two has been answered. Season three of the popular Disney+ show is finally out and available to stream now. In case you haven’t caught up yet, fan favorite ship Gina and Rickey finally get together in episode eight, which just happens to be the finale. In honor of all episodes being out, Tim Fedrele, the creator of HSMTMTS, took to Instagram to show everyone a rough draft of what was supposed to be in the season three finale.

For those who are unaware or may have forgotten, all the way back in season two it was obvious Gina liked Ricky. So much so, that when a box showed up Gina’s porch on Valentine’s day after talking with Ricky, Gina is led to believe Rickey sent them. She confronted him about it and he denied sending those chocolates. Although we watched the scene happen and Ricky claimed not to have sent Gina that gift, fans came up with a theory stating that Ricky lied about it and Gina was right: Ricky did send her the chocolates

It has only been a theory until Tim took to Instagram on September 19, 2022, to celebrate season 3 being out in the world and season 4 getting started soon. In this rough draft, it is a cut scene of Gina and Ricky talking about trying to stop the documentary from being released and Ricky announces, “the chocolates were from me”. You can see the whole interaction below: 

As you can see above, Ricky admits and confirms the chocolate theory is true and that he was the one to send them to Gina. This rough draft being posted not only sent fans screaming happily of it being true but led fans to wish this was kept in the final draft to bring the series full circle. Getting to see this rough draft leads us to believe that even though it was cut from the final draft, it confirms the theory fans knew all along. That Ricky did send those chocolates and while he didn’t want to admit that then as he still had feelings for Nini, this shows he is all in for being with Gina.

Tim Ferdele posting this on Instagram was an amazing gift to wrap up the third season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series and to give fans hope that Gina and Ricky may be endgame and be the canon ship fans have been wanting since the beginning. 

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