Christian J. Simon and Sophia Hammons can’t keep Disney remake of 90s movie Under Wraps!

Now that fall’s here, it’s like a switch has been flipped in our society. Pumpkin spice drinks are all the rage, there may be a more bitter chill in the air, and Halloween decorations and candy are even being put up in stores. Speaking of Halloween, the made-for-tv movie Under Wraps (1997) is being remade this year.

According to IMDb, the original Under Wraps (1997) follows three teenagers who try to reunite a mummy with his lover from 4,500 years ago. Now that the movie is being remade, we’re curious to know how closely the remake will stick to the original plot. YEM had the opportunity to sit down with Christian J. Simon who plays Gilbert and Sophia Hammons who plays Amy to get the inside scoop.

“We were really trying to just add our own little touches in there and our moments and our characters, but still stay true to those characters in the original storyline,” Christian J. Simon said. “The mummy has a lot more personality. He actually has feelings, and it makes you tear up sometimes.”

“There’s a lot more color in our newer version. Our version is very fast-paced, and I think also there are a lot of story elements that have been simplified. In the original, some of them were kind of complicated,” Sophia Hammons said.

While there’s confirmation that Under Wraps (2021) will follow the original storyline with some new twists and turns, Sophia shared about one of her favorite scenes.

“My favorite scene is when Amy is giving advice to Marshall about his family issues by telling him about her own family issues. You see the vulnerable side of Amy which you don’t see a lot. It’s empowering to see this very confident and determined girl overshare and be vulnerable in front of these boys. I really like seeing that vulnerable side of Amy, and you only see that – I think – one more time in the movie. I won’t say the second time you see it,” Sophia said.

Both Sophia and Christian also touched on the important themes in the movie that they hope the audience will take away.

“There are a lot of messages throughout the movie. Amy says friends have each other’s backs, and Marshall repeats this line. That’s definitely the importance of friendship and teamwork,” Sophia said. “Also looking at things from a new perspective like how Amy does. She’s the new kid in town so she’s gotta get used to this town, new friends, and see things from a new perspective. All of the characters go through a lesson that I hope kids will take away.”

“For me, the owl scene was really fun because viewers finally get to see Gilbert face his fears and just go after it, and him finally realizing like, ‘you can’t be scared anymore. You just have to face it. Just do it, you got this,’” Christian said. “Hopefully kids can look at Gilbert and say, ‘man, if he can do it, I can do it.’”

You can watch Under Wraps on October 1st on Disney Channel.