CJ Darlington will be taking over our twitter!

CJ Darlington is the author of Heart of Belonging, and she will be taking over YEM’s twitter! The takeover will be a great opportunity for everybody to learn a great deal more about CJ and all of her fantastic books that she has written previously. Her most recent book will be released later this year in December. Heart of Belonging is the sixth in the series of books that she has written.

Heart of Belonging is part of a series about four friends who are dealing with teen life and coming of age in Indiana. In this book Shay is looking to be loved and wanted. She is also looking to be part of a real family. To find this Shay looks for acceptance on the internet.

Make sure to watch as CJ Darlington take over our twitter. The questions answered on the takeover will be great. We will learn about her as well as the book, and her process making it, and much more. Also, do not forget to pick up a copy of Heart of Belonging when it is released this December!