Cory Gruter-Andrew talks “Anne With An E”

Cory Gruter-Andrew is making his name known in the entertainment industry. He’s appeared on the hit shows Fargo and The 100, and now he’s starring in the second season of the hit Netflix series “Anne With An E.” Cory play Cole on the show, which is based on the classic book “Anne of Green Gables.” YEM spoke with Cory about his growing success, his recent acting roles, and his part on the hit Netflix series.

Young Entertainment Mag: You’ve joined the current season of Anne with an E. Had you seen the first season?
Cory Gruter-Andrew: I saw the first episode before my callback, to get the feel and tone of the show, but I never did watch the whole series until about a month or two into filming and decided to watch it, so I watched the second and third episode… then proceeded to binge watch the rest all night!

YEM: Had you ever read Anne of Green Gables?
Cory: I think I may have had it as a school reading book a very long time ago when I was young, and I knew the whole premise for the longest time, I did grow up in Canada and loads of Canadian kids know what it is.

YEM: Tell us about your character, Cole.
Cory: Cole is this sweet sensitive soul, who loves his art and appears in season two. He makes friends with Anne, who brings him out of his shell with her wonderfully vibrant personality.

YEM: Do you have any similarities with your character?
Cory: We both want to commit our lives to our art.

YEM: The show takes place in the 19th century. did you do any research on the time period?
Cory: Well from what I was taught in social studies I knew enough, turn of the century, electricity being a commodity for rich people, and so on.

YEM: You were also seen on the hit show Fargo where your character spoke using sign language. Was that challenging?
Cory: Actually it was loads of fun! For the audition I learned the lines in sign language and it was hilarious that my first line on screen happened to be in sign language.

YEM: Did you learn sign language specifically for the part?
Cory: I did not learn the language, but I learned the lines, though the boy I worked with on it was fluent.

YEM: You also appeared on “The 100.” What was it like to be a part of that show?
Cory: It was amazing, especially because I was a fan before I even auditioned, I worked so hard trying to translate my lines into grounder language, it did sort of work. Thanks mom.