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For any fans of the hit show Bridgerton or anyone looking for a new female-centric drama, there is a new British television series coming to Apple TV+ on November 8 called The BuccaCreator of “The Buccaneers”, Katherine Jakeways goes into major details on working with Kristine Froseth and Alisha Boe | Young Entertainment Magneers. The series comes from creator, writer, and executive producer Katherine Jakeways and is led by an all-female creative team, including Susanna White, director and BAFTA Award winner. We have an exclusive interview with Katherine ahead of the show’s premiere to learn more about the series, the casting process, the actors, and more, brought to you by Young Entertainment Exclusive.   

The Buccaneers is based on the unfinished novel of the same name by American author and Pulitzer Prize winner Edith Wharton. The novel was unfinished at the time of Wharton’s death in 1937 but was published in 1938. The drama series focuses on a group of young American girls who arrive in 1870s London, resulting in a culture clash as the women try to find husbands and secure titles. 

The show has some star power as Kristine Forseth, known for her previous roles in Looking for Alaska and The Society, Alisha Boe from Thirteen Reasons Why, Josie Totah from the Disney Series Jessie, Imogen Waterhouse from the fantasy series The Outpost, and Mad Men and Good Girls alum Christina Hendricks are all a part of the cast. There are also some relative newcomers to the acting scene in the series including Guy Remmers and Matthew Broome. Season one will consist of eight episodes, with the first three released on November 8 followed by new episodes every Wednesday through December 13. 

Katherine said the casting process for the show was lengthy and extensive, as they got calls from actors around the world trying out for various parts. A lot of the casting process was conducted on Zoom as Katherine and the other show creatives were based in London and much of the show’s casting happened at the end of the Covid-19 lockdown. While many of the actors have big projects on their resume already, some of them are fresh out of drama school in their first big role. Regardless of experience level, Katherine said she knew right away that each of them were the perfect fit for their roles. 

We also asked Katherine about two of the biggest names in the cast, Kristine Froseth and Alisha Boe. Kristine plays Nan St. George and Alisha plays Conchita Closson. Katherine said Kristine stood out in the casting process as she asked a lot of questions about her character and her arc throughout the show. Nan St. George will experience an identity crisis throughout the series and Katherine said Kristine was good at making that experience feel real to the audience. Katherine said Alisha was perfect for her role and instinctive about being on screen. 

Finally, we asked Katherine about any advice she would give to girls looking to get into acting, writing, or producing, and Katherine said to just keep going and to not give up, as her first big show credit is with The Buccaneers and she is currently 47 years old. She has also made numerous television and radio appearances.

Thank you, Katherine, for your time and for speaking with YEM! Make sure to follow her  on her Instagram and check out The Buccaneers, premiering on November 8 at 9 p.m. ET on Apple TV+ (Apple TV). Please also watch the interview below, where we ask her more questions about the actors and the show! While you’re there, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to our channel for the latest news in young entertainment!

Consider this: 

  • For any girls looking to get into the entertainment industry, just keep going. If it is what you love, keep trying by sending your material and tapes out.