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Curtis Harris

Already known to us from the pilot of Sam & Cat, enterprising young actor Curtis Harris has showed no signs of slowing down, now as part of the creepy-great Haunted Hathaways on Nickelodeon. Here, he discusses his role on the show, Miles, and how they share certain fashion tendencies. To balance things out though, he also discusses his love for basketball and action star aspirations. Read here to discover more on Curtis, who is only just getting started!


YOUNG ADULT: What is the most interesting part of being involved in The Haunted Hathaways?

Curtis Harris: I wouldn’t say there is a MOST interesting part, because all of it is interesting to me. The special effects and story are all really cool and the cast is like an extended family to me, so I stay excited about the show. Also, I REALLY love shoot days because of all the great energy on set. There is something about knowing that what you do on shoot days will be seen all over the world by millions of your fans that really gets me pumped. 

YA: Talk to us about your experiences with other popular YA shows like SAM AND CAT. What were the standout experiences? 

CH: Sam & Cat was really special because I got to work with my little brother, Caleel Harris (Plays Duke in both Think Like a Man films starring Kevin Hart), and that particular episode was the pilot, so it’s cool to say I worked on the first ever episode of Sam and Cat with Jeannette and Ariana!


YA: Describe your favorite character you’ve played thus far. Who is he? What about him most resembles you?

CH: It may sound cliche, but I’ve got to say my favorite character has been Miles. I love his positive energy, his comedy, and he honestly reminds me a little bit of myself. I really do like bow ties if some of you guys were wondering. The most resemblance would have to be how he is constantly in a positive mood though. That’s me for sure!


YA: Any fun stories to happen off camera while on set?

CH: Yes, actually one time me and Lil P-Nut were in class (yes we still have school), and he was rocking on a swivel chair, and I said, “You probably shouldn’t rock on that” and he kept doing it anyway and fell over. I couldn’t stop laughing for hours. It was one of those ugly falls and his face was priceless!


YA: What has been the best acting or professional advice you’ve received?

CH: Without a doubt, my parents constantly tell me to work hard on my craft. My dad used to play sports and he always says, “You play how you practice.” You hear people say work hard all the time, but there is a reason.  


YA: Who do you dream of working with?

CH: I love basketball, so if I could work with an NBA player, that would be pretty awesome. I can teach them how to be a better actor, and they can teach me how to play better! On the acting side, Steve Carell would be an awesome person to work with. I love his style of acting; it’s very original and silly at the same time. That is hard to pull off, and he is the best at it right now I feel.


YA: If you had to pick only one word to describe you, ACTOR or KID, which would it be and why?

CH: I am a kid, for sure. Acting is great, but so is being a kid. I’m not quite ready to be a full on adult yet, so I gotta stick with being a kid. Besides, you are only a kid for a few years, and you can be an actor for many years. 


YA: If you could play any role from any film or TV show in history, who would it be and why?

CH: Probably Fresh Prince of Bel Air. It was a once-in-a-lifetime show. I love the natural comedy and the swag that Will Smith brought to the table.  If an opportunity like that was presented to me? Shoot…. I would never turn that down!


YA: What would you say is your favorite YA story, book or film?

CH: I really enjoyed Rush Hour 3. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan have great chemistry on screen, and it was the perfect mix of action and comedy. I can see myself in a similar role where I have to kick some butts to save the girl, and make people laugh while doing it!

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