Dakota Lotus talks music and Coop and Cami Ask the World

Dakota Lotus is best known as the lead Cooper Wrather in Disney Channel’s “Coop and Cami Ask the World”. The hit show is about to start airing new episodes soon! Dakota Lotus is also a great musician. He even released a new single called “All In For Love.” Plus, Dakota plans to combine his advocacy efforts with his love for music and is set to release an EP later this year. YEM spoke with Dakota Lotus last week when he took over our Instagram account. See what Dakota had to say about his acting, singing, and more!

Young Entertainment Mag: You star on the hit Disney Channel show Coop & Cami Ask the World. What is it like to star in your own show?

Dakota Lotus: It’s definitely a dream come true! I used to practice my wand ID with a pencil when I was little so it’s been my life long dream! The Disney family is the best family and everyone is so nice! I’ve had the chance to make many new friends that are also actors which is very cool!

YEM: You do a lot of fun pranks and stunts on the show. Is there one that sticks out in your mind as the most memorable?
Dakota: In one of the first episodes of season 2, I did a stunt where I got to fly in the air on a jet pack and that was the most fun I’ve had doing a stunt!
YEM: How similar would you say you are to Coop? Do you have anything in common with him?
Dakota: There are many similarities between Cooper and me! We both have a love for music and our family! We also both love to pull pranks and tell jokes!
YEM: Since you’ve played Ruby Rose Turner’s brother for two years now, is Ruby really like a sister to you now?
Dakota: Ruby is 100% like a sister to me! She and I have the same energy and we both get along super well! We kind of knew that we were going to be friends the moment we started filming!
YEM: Can you tell us about what fans can expect from upcoming episodes of the show?
Dakota: You guys can expect some new music from Cooper and Charlottes a cappella group, the Glamtronics! You can also expect so crazy stunts and awesome Would you Rathers!

YEM: You’re also a musician! Tell us about your new single All in For Love.
Dakota: I wrote All in for Love about spreading awareness to take care of the Earth and to love and be kind to each other! My hope for my music is to reach people and be able to spread a message that will inspire others!
YEM: And you’re planning to release an EP soon as well?
Dakota: Being able to release an EP is a goal of mine and I hope to be able to release an EP hopefully soon!
YEM: Do you have a preference between acting and singing? What do you love about both?
Dakota: I feel like both singing and acting feed my soul in different ways and I love to do both! Both of them are my passion and I wouldn’t be me without them!