Disney+ Bringing Graphic Novel ‘American Born Chinese’ To Series

Breaking news! Disney+ has just announced it has begun production on “American Born Chinese,” based on the graphic novel of the same name by Gene Luen Yang. Destin Daniel Cretton (of Marvel’s “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”) is directing and also the executive producer for the upcoming show.

What’s the anticipated series going to be about? “American Born Chinese,” tells the story of Jin Wang, an average teenager juggling his high school social life with his immigrant home life. When he meets a new foreign student on the first day of the school year, even more worlds collide as Jin is unwittingly entangled in a battle of Chinese mythological gods. The show is a genre-hopping action-comedy that explores issues of identity, culture, and family.”

Why should Disney+ viewers be excited? This is a universal story that moves between worlds and explores a mythical world through the view of young adults. “American Born Chinese” has been a staple of American literature over the past 15 years and is deeply important to a generation of readers. It’s already been stated the show is going to be unlike anything else previously experienced on TV, and the team behind the show state they can’t wait for the world to see what they’re cooking up.

Many topics are expected to be addressed in the upcoming series, including bullying, racial stereotypes, and everything that goes along with trying to fit in at a new school when coming from a different background. Without giving too much information away, the story will likely show a transformation of its characters in both a mental and physical sense while also coming to terms with preconceived biases society has placed on certain cultures.

The novel is based on three separate stories which eventually intertwine with one another. The original graphic novel was released in 2006 and quickly received critical acclaim, winning numerous awards and praise. The novel has even been said to be a great resource for students who are struggling academically with their reading.

If that wasn’t enough, to say that “American Born Chinese” graphic novel writer Gene Luen Yang is excited is an understatement: “When I was in high school, I was such a big Disney fan that I had at least one Mickey Mouse item on me at all times: a wallet, a watch, a belt buckle, a t-shirt, something. Being a part of Disney+ is a dream come true.”