The Disney Dream Role: If you could be anyone, who would you be?

YEM sat down with Disney Channel actors and asked one question that left them fumbling for an answer:

“Is there a certain character in the Disney+ universe that you would love to play one day or even just your favorite character that you love watching?”

As actors laughed, scrambled to think of their Disney dream role, and said that there were just too many characters to choose from, Spin star Anna Cathcart talked about the Disney Channel character that was the most impactful to her: Rocky Blue from Disney Channel’s show Shake It Up.

“I swear she made me want to become an actor. Shake It Up was my favorite show ever and watching that growing up absolutely made me so inspired,” Anna said.

Spin star Michael Bishop said that he would re-voice Tom Holland’s character Ian Lightfoot in Disney Pixar movie Onward. “I think that character is a really cool character, and I just think that the relationship they [Ian and Barley] have rings pretty true to the relationship that I have with my brother, so that film’s really special.”

Other actors like Booboo Stewart and Cheyenne Jackson from Descendants and Isaac Ryan Brown from Raven’s Home decided that they would want to play a superhero – in general or in the Marvel franchise.

“Listen, Marvel and Disney. Like, I’m dead smack in the middle,” Isaac Ryan Brown said. “But if I had to do something from Disney Channel, it would be Let It Shine. I wish I could be a part of that.”

Kerri Medders from Spin, however, said that she would want to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland. “I’m very curious about the world. I feel like I have a lot of Alice tendencies,” she said.

Lastly, here are some iconic stand-out quotes that couldn’t go unnoticed:

“A couple years ago, I would want to play Nightcrawler. That would be more Marvel… Oh no no. X-Men. Technically that counts, they’re all related…”

– Booboo Stewart from Descendants

“I would also like to be in Marvel. Please hit my line even if I’m playing a tree! If you need a Disney Princess for a theater movie… Disney, hit my line.”

– Dara Reneé from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

“Becoming an actor seemed as realistic as becoming an astronaut in my mind. Now I’m actually getting to work on Disney – potentially these shows will be that [inspiration] for other kids that Shake It Up was for me – is just mind-blowing. I still pinch myself all the time.”

– Anna Cathcart from Spin

“Miles Morales. We manifest. Disney’s got my number. Now Marvel is just like an office away! I can learn to do a backflip!”

– Jahbril Cook from Spin