What does the Disney/Fox Merger mean for Anastasia?

By Stephen Novak

With Disney becoming a singularity for intellectual properties, a lot of older stories have found themselves graced with a new limelight. Especially when considering the weight that comes along with their association. The crown jewel of which being the title of “Disney Princess”. That’s why Twitter is blowing up with excitement (or worry) over the Disney/Fox merge, giving them access to a swath of new franchises. Including the smash 90’s hit, Anastasia.

The eponymous Anastasia was a romp through Russian folklore about a princess by the same name (voiced by Meg Ryan). Anastasia battled a curse brought on by Rasputin (Christopher Loyd). Offering many of the same joys that brought Disney to popularity, including musical numbers, outstanding animation, and a strong heroine to grab audiences worldwide. Her journey was a smash hit, grossing a total of $140,000,000 at the box office.

“The reason this movie feels so eerily similar to that of Disney is because Don Bluth who once worked for and loved Disney is the director for it. Anastasia is very much underrated and it’s def 1 of my faves. It’s funny cuz now Disney owns it!” –@_yoitslyssa_

“Okay since yall clearly have horrible taste in movies 😅Whats yall favorite Disney movie. Ill start Anastasia &before yall say anything Disney bought it so it counts bye. Aladdin Mulan Lion King and Hercules top 5 if you disagree block yaself.” –@ariibabii29

It’s no surprise then that the film touched a large generation of youth. And they have now grown up and found their favorite film back in the modern eye. Many of which are debating on this merge, and what it means for the franchise. With most are saying that it gives the film the “Disney Princess” moniker, others aren’t so eager to allow Anastasia to sit with films like “The Little Mermaid”, “Aladin”, and “Peter Pan”.

“Fox is owned by Disney. … But they’re still going over the contracts and by laws regarding a few of FOX’s first movies/shows. LOL. If the by laws had Anastasia under Disney, she’d be considered a Disney Princess….she’s not yet. Unless something changed in the last month.”-@jaydenrochellee


The film was also released twenty-one years ago. And while many have probably seen it during their childhood, the prospect of Disney giving the story a modern make-over is cause to be hyped in its own right but the ability to share the story with a new generation is something worth being excited over.

“idk if it would really happen but a live action anastasia would SLAP! they own fox so shes technically a disney princess now 🤔but if its anything like the musical im out 🚶” – 

Disney is yet to announce any projects in relation to Anastasia. So for now the only thing left for fans of the animated feature can be the legacy it would be afforded by the title of being a “Disney Film”. Even if the reality of that crown might be up for debate.