Emilia Mccarthy Zapped Interview

Button-nose blond Emilia McCarthy might not have a ton of credits just yet, but this enterprising young actress is currently exploding, having expertly selected top-of-the-line projects in which to perform. From appearing in Best Picture Oscar Nominee Babel to playing the ill-fated Alyssa Sworn on Hemlock Grove, Emilia has been turning heads, and she is now to be seen in the exciting new TV movie Zapped for Disney, opposite Zendaya. Emilia recently sat down to discuss these projects and more, including her inner diva, love of dance, interesting on-set strategies, and her soul-mate connection to Ryan Gosling.


Photos by S. Markus Mathurin

YA Mag: Hi Emilia! You have grown up on screen, from playing Cate Blanchett’s daughter in Babel at the young age of 8 to playing the antagonist in your new project Zapped. What was it like playing the ‘mean girl’?

Emilia McCarthy: This character was so fun to play because she is so opposite to who I am. Letting my inner diva out was such a good time! The amount of times we all just cracked up in the middle of a scene was endless; every scene was hilarious. The best part of acting is acting, and we had a great time doing it. 


YA: What appealed to you about this project in general? 

EM: Acting and dancing are my two ultimate passions, so the fact that Zapped included dance was amazing! Being able to do my two favorite things in one finishing product, I couldn’t ask for more. 


YA: Additionally, what was the best part of working with Julianne Moore and Robert Pattinson in the new film Maps to the Stars?

EM: Besides the fact that working with David Cronenberg was a dream come true, it was so amazing to meet all these crazy talented actors and have the honor to work with them.


YA: Tell us about your experience with Hemlock Grove. Have you watched the series? Can you share any details on Season 2, if you’ve been involved at all?

EM: Being that Hemlock was my first production in the horror genre I had a blast getting to experience what happens behind the workings of Eli Roth’s mind. I do get (**spoiler alert**) eaten by a werewolf at the end of Season 1, so Season 2 wasn’t really an option for my character… 


YA: What methods or routine do you utilize when preparing on set?

EM: Basically just eat all the food from craft services : ) 


YA: What is the best advice you would share with other aspiring young actors?

EM: Expect the worst, hope for the best. This helps me not get my hopes up but at the same time stay positive by thinking of the best possible outcome. 


YA: If you had to choose one other career other than performing, what would it be and why?

EM: I’d be an undercover cop! But now that I think about it, that is basically still acting…


YA: What’s next for you?

EM: I’m currently working on a top-secret super exciting project, announcement coming soon! 


YA: If you could have played any role in any film or TV show in history, which would it be and why?

EM: I would’ve loved to play alongside Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. We are after all from the same hometown of London, Canada so we’re kind of soul mates.