Up-and-Comer: Erinn Westbrook Gets ‘Awkward’

If you’ve been watching this 5th and final season of Awkward on MTV, you might’ve noticed that there’s another lovely and quirky young lady honing in on both Jenna’s territory and Matty and Jake’s bromance to end all bromances. Her name is Gabby, and she’s played but the effervescent Erinn Westbrook. This probably isn’t the first time you’ve seen Miss Westbrook because she’s guest starred in like ALL of your favorite shows including Glee, Switched At Birth, Supernatural, Bones, and even Stitchers.


Erinn is a Long Island native who transplanted to Missouri when she was young, only to end up back on the east coast as a student at Harvard University. That’s right, Harvard. So, beauty and brains…and talent! After graduating Harvard, Erinn pursued a modeling career in LA which parlayed itself into the slew of TV roles mentioned above. We can’t wait to see what this intelligent and driven woman will do next, and that includes the rest of her time on Awkward. The series is winding down, but Gabby’s character is just heating up. At the end of last season, Gabby found herself in a very Jenna-like predicament: torn between feelings for best bros Matty and Jake. As of now, she’s with Jake after discovering Matty still harbors feelings for Jenna. But with graduation looming and change being inevitable, there’s no telling what could happen for Gabby and her other awkward friends at PHHS. I guess we will have to stay tuned to find out!!!