Everything you need to know about the rise of esports

Professional esports is a global phenomenon, continuing to gather new fans from across the globe at an astonishing rate. Esports is nothing new, of course, and certainly couldn’t be described as an overnight sensation or a craze, but there is no denying the fact interest has rocketed over the last two years. 

What is the reason for that, how can you watch the best teams compete in the biggest competitions and what tech do you need? These are the questions covered in this article as we explain everything you need to know about watching esport. Fixtures are scheduled in major cities worldwide, from London to Las Vegas, so there’s always an exciting match about to begin somewhere. All you need is the schedule and your smartphone, ready to tune in and watch the play on an HD quality live stream free of charge.

The leading Canadian sportsbooks and similar apps from the United Kingdom and the United States offer customers the chance to watch esports live on their mobile devices at no cost. All you must do is register an account – a process that takes just a few minutes to complete – then find the esports competition you wish to watch and click to view. It’s that simple and you can do it from anywhere in your region. 

Watch from anywhere using your smartphone

If you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection you can turn everyday scenarios into an opportunity to watch live esports, keep up to date with live scores, check updated leaderboards after each round and make your predictions. Do this from the comfort of your bedroom, on the bus, hanging out in the park or even when out for a meal, taking the chance to sneakily watch the latest battles and games.

The most famous sportsbooks cover all the top esports titles, including each of the following

  • Fortnight
  • Dota 2
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League 
  • Heroes of the Storm

The five above rates as the most popular titles for professional esports players and the prize money on offer at the top tournaments means the most talented players come out to shine. As interest in esports has grown, so too has the television coverage, and with the top bookmaker’s also edging their way in, it’s no surprise the sponsorship deals have rocketed. Major businesses, including cryptocurrency investors and global tech giants, see the growing esports fan base as an untouched well and a potential goldmine. They are desperate to reach out to new customers and win favour with the online shoppers of tomorrow. They know they must enter the world of today’s generation to do that and see esports advertising as a shortcut. You’ll now see major brands from just about every industry and business advertising in esports. 

Many have changed tactics, cutting off sponsorship deals with traditional sports like American football, soccer, tennis, rugby and basketball to focus on esports. Approach this right, and businesses know they could safeguard long-term success. They are, therefore, quick to dip their hands into their pockets and spend big on esports advertising. This, in turn, leads to greater prize pots in well-known competitions and with more money up for grabs, a  better and more dedicated standard of player emerges.

The future is bright for esports

During the COVID pandemic of 2020 and 2021, many professional sports were forced into lockdown, with games, races and fights either cancelled or taking place behind closed doors with the public locked out. Governments in England, France, Germany, Spain and most European nations also placed their population into lockdown, meaning many millions of sports fans were stuck at home with a thirst for live sports to help battle boredom. This is where esports came into play. 

With players able to compete at home on their devices via live streams, the schedule was almost unaffected by Covid. With no horse racing or other popular sports to watch, many turned to esports and were instantly hooked. The industry won many new fans during 2020/21, and they decided to stick around, won over by the competitiveness and excitement of professional esports.

Why not give it a try? Check out this week’s esports schedule and sign up to an app with an esports live stream that allows you to watch the play free of charge.