Faking It Breakdown

Have you fallen for Faking It yet? We totally have. In honor of the new smash hit on MTV, we’re breaking down the main characters here and undoing the tangled webs they’ve already started to weave.


Katie Stevens, breakout star from American Idol, plays Karma. Karma, as her name would imply, is a pretty big player on the cosmic spectrum here. She’s one half of the duo that embarks on a faux-lesbian affair in Austin, Texas…all for a little bit of misguided popularity. Karma is straight…but not so straight-laced. We can’t wait to see how her good-girl character starts to get a little less, well, good!


Rita Volk plays Amy, the other half of the faux-lesbian duo. Amy’s life is a little bit on the complicated side. She has a new step-sister, a newfound lease on popularity and a new look at her sexuality all as a result of one big massive misunderstanding. While Karma can play it a little more innocent, Amy is a little bit more of a wildcard.


Lauren, played by Bailey Buntain is Amy’s new step-sister and none too happy about it. She is, as step-sisters are sometimes wont to be, quite wicked, and her main mission is to expose the faux-lesbianism for what it is…fake. We feel like there’s more to Lauren than meets the eye, but right now we have to say we’re team Amy.


Michael Willett delivers a great turn as Shane, the ultimate instigator. Shane fans the flames of the original fire that causes the school-wide misunderstanding in the first place. While things definitely got out of hand in a way we don’t think he anticipated, Shane doesn’t shy away from the attention, to say the least. We have the feeling some amazing Amy-Shane scenes are coming down the pike sooner rather than later!


Lastly, the ever-adorable Gregg Sulkin plays Liam. Liam could come across as your run of the mill, misunderstood heartthrob…but his delivery is utterly refreshing. We have a feeling there’s more that meets the eye with Liam (as well as the rest of the characters, but Liam especially). Liam is the apple of Karma’s eye but has yet to fully realize it as he thinks she’s not straight.

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