Round 4 of Young Entertainment Magazine’s March Madness Best Ship Tournament

The NCAA March Madness has come and gone, but you can continue to participate in the March Madness at Young Entertainment Magazine if you haven’t already done so.

Right now, we’re open for voting for your top two favorite Ships in our Final Four featuring eight Ships. Our Final Four consists of four Ships, starting with Ricky Bowen and Gina Porter from High School Musical: The Musical. Keep reading for the remaining three Ships!

First matchup: Ricky Bowen and Gina Porter from High School Musical: The Musical vs. Marcus Baker and Ginny Miller from Ginny & Georgia

In case you didn’t know, Ricky Bowen and Gina Porter are a friendship that morphed into a romantic relationship. Bowen and Porter didn’t formally meet until the auditions for High School Musical.

The couple can be described as outsiders in their respective groups, but hey, their quirks contributed to a loving relationship with Porter kissing Bowen on the cheek and leaving her beau speechless in the end.

Meanwhile, Marcus Baker and Ginny Miller are high school sweethearts. Both Baker and Miller struggled with their respective mental health issues in season two of Ginny & Georgia.

While the couple appeared to be perfect for each other, Baker ultimately broke up with Miller so he could prioritize working on his struggles with depression over his romantic relationship. Despite the couple’s breakup, they apparently aren’t ruling out a reconciliation in the near future.

These are two different couples, but who are you pulling for the National Championship?

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Second matchup: Prince Wilhelm and Simon Eriksson from Young Royals vs. Cleo and Pope from Outer Banks

In case you missed it, Prince Wilhelm and Simon Eriksson are an eccentric same-sex couple to say the least. Eriksson doesn’t board at Hillerska and lives with his mother and sister. Yet, Eriksson catches Price Wilhelm’s eye early on, and the pair developed a very complicated relationship.

The same-sex couple have returned, and fans of the couple are delighted to see them work things out, despite being on-and-off. After all, Prince Wilhelm appears to be Eriksson’s first love.

On the other hand, Cleo and Pope Heyward define couple goals, per se. Cleo’s a confident and fearless woman who’s also playful and fun-loving. Heyward’s always up for an adventure, but he also constantly thinks about the possible consequences of actions.

The opposite-sex couple started out as close friends and later developed a great relationship. After a good amount of time, the couple held hands and smiled at each other.

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These two couples have their differences, but which one are you rooting for in the National Championship?