Find out all the buzz about the new Disney Pixar film Lightyear!

The Toy Story world is coming back to our screens in 2022 with the origin story of favorite action-figure Buzz Lightyear! Did you know he was a fictional human character before an action figure? We didn’t either.

Pixar’s new animated action-adventure movie looks at how a young test pilot became the space ranger we know him as today. The trailer begins with Buzz Lightyear in a countdown before he’s launched into space and lands on a station to begin his training. While in space, we see Buzz face many challenges head on. We also see a glimpse of Buzz’s ship and meet various characters (like a cat, a few aliens, robots, and some humans back on Earth) that will join him on his journey. 

But is the new film actually part of the Toy Story universe?

If you’ve watched the trailer, you may be a little confused how it ties into the Toy Story world we know. Well, it doesn’t. Many statements have been made by the film’s creators that this does not share continuity with the events in Toy Story. However, it does sort of take place in a shared universe. This is the story that Buzz Lightyear, the toy, is based off. So, you can think of it like a movie the human beings in the toy story universe would have seen!

CCO of Pixar Animation, Pete Docter, has said this is the movie that would have inspired the toy. He said they designed Buzz in the original Toy Story with the idea he was a toy based on a really cool character from an epic blockbuster movie.

Basically, this is a movie that Andy would have seen that would have made him want the Buzz Lightyear figure! Pretty exciting right?

Watch the Lightyear Trailer here!