Geek Girl Playlist

In honor of the book coming to life in the Netflix drama Geek Girl, we have curated the perfect playlist for the characters to strut to as they walk down the runway. 

Every good model has a perfect jaunt in their walk to pair with an impeccable song as they make their appearance on the catwalk. If you’re looking for a playlist to practice your model walk to, then you are going to love these high energy, strut-worthy songs from YE. Tune in below:

This playlist is packed full of sassy and sweet songs that are perfect for a model just getting their foot in the door, but a few songs shine a little too bright for us. Check out our favorites here:

1. “Sign It On The Line” – Liv Hanna

Liv Hanna’s new single “Sign It On The Line” is an upbeat, pop song that will make you feel empowered and energized. This song is dripping with sass and the lightest twinge of sweetness, it’s perfect for this playlist and perfect your music library. Listen today!

2. “I Wanna Thank Me” – Meghan Trainor

Pop superstar Meghan Trainor has teamed up with Niecy Nash to create this empowering and oh-so-independent power soundtrack. It’s intense, effortless and yes, sassy just as a trip down the catwalk should be. 

3. “She’s Gone, Dance On” – Disclosure

Third, we have an upbeat tune with an electric intro. It’s beats are the perfect tune for a runway performance and would definitely be seen making their way into fashion week! 

We wish you all the best luck as you prep for your model walk on the runway and hope you enjoyed our perfectly crafted playlist just for the occasion! Check out our interviews with the stars of Geek Girl on our YouTube here: