George Kosturos Steps into the Ring

Here at Young Entertainment Mag we discuss the acting process and what it was like for someone’s first everything. George Kosturos dishes on his first kiss and what it was like to work with legend Jon Voight in George’s new film, American Wrestler: The Warrior.

YEM: When did you know you wanted to be an actor? Was there a specific actor or movie or scene in a movie?
George Kosturos: I always grew up with an inkling for it but never talked to anyone about it and didn’t even think it was possible. I decided when I was 17 and about to graduate high school that this is what I was going to do with my life. It occurred to me all at once that we only have so much time on this earth and there’s no reason not to go for your dreams. There wasn’t a specific movie or scene but actors who did have a strong influence on me growing up [were] Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Paul Walker to name a few.

YEM: Was there anything about the job that was different than what you expected (good or bad)?
GK: I came into Hollywood not really knowing how anything worked so I didn’t have many expectations to begin with. I just knew I had to learn quick.

YEM: What was it like getting that first call back?
GK: It was the best feeling in the world. It was actually my first audition ever. It was to be the new Red Power Ranger on Nickelodeon and I made it all the way to testing. I didn’t end up getting the job but that allowed me to finish college, which I now see as a huge blessing. Getting so far on my first try made me feel like this dream might not be as far away as I thought.

YEM: What role does your character play in American Wrestler: The Wizard?
GK: I play Ali Jahani, a 17 year old kid who escapes the war in Iran during the Iranian hostage crisis in 1979. He comes to America trying to make a life for himself and is faced with rejection from his uncle, his schoolmates and the entire town. Eventually he finds wrestling as his way of fitting in.

YEM: Was there anything while filming that was a first for you? What was it? And how’d it go down (what was the experience like)?
GK: All of it was a first in many ways. I had done a few films before this but had yet to lead a movie. It’s a totally different world. It was a new experience everyday and felt like sink or swim for me. From acting opposite of legends like Jon Voight and William Fichtner, to doing all my own wrestling stunts. I even had my first kissing scene ever. I remember Lia and I had to walk down the hall together, get to the end and kiss. We probably did the walk 4 or 5 times before we could make it to the end. Not sure if we were both nervous or excited but we kept forgetting our lines before we could make it to the end of the hall. It was a pretty funny day it all ended up in the blooper reel.

YEM: Is there anything you would do differently or learned while filming?
GK: I learned a lot while shooting this film and got a great deal of advice from Jon and Bill. Things I’ll remember the rest of my career. I wouldn’t change a thing and learned I that I definitely want to do this for the rest of my life.

YEM: Do you have a favorite Young Adult Film?
GK: I was a bit too old when all the YA movies came out, but I grew up being a mega fan of Disney Channel Original Movies like “Brink” or “Jonny Tsunami“. Those were the days.

YEM: Where on social media can people find you?
GK: I am @georgekosturos on everything!