Get Ready For Victor’s Love Life In “Love, Victor” S2

Guess who’s ready to come out of the closet to the rest of the world and start a relationship with the most gorgeous boy in school? That’s right, it’s none other than Victor!

After that cliffhanger at the end of season 1, everyone has been dying to know what happens next to Victor. However, now it isn’t just his family. He’s decided that he wants to come out to the whole school and make it public.

Putting Victor aside for now, it seems that we get to see the other beloved characters of season 1 as well. Lake appears in the trailer which was great since her personality is a whole mood. Also, her relationship with Felix seems to be developing further, which is great. In addition, it seems like Felix is really struggling with his mothers’ mental illness. Poor Felix.

Now, back to Victor. It looks like Victor and Benji have hooked up. They are literally the cutest couple ever. However, towards the end of the trailer it seems like Victor is having a hard time fitting in with Benji’s circle of friends. Hope this doesn’t affect their relationship too much. 

Also, from watching the trailer, it seems like his dad is very accepting of Victor’s identity since he said “He’s my son and it’s who he is”. Which is good to know considering how nervous he was to come out to them. Meanwhile his mom seems like another story. It looks like there will be some tear jerking moments since Victor was telling Benji, “ My mom can barely look at me” and in another scene he tells her, “Tell me that you support me” which was meant by “It’s a lot for me to wrap my head around”. Yikes!

The idea of him finally owning who he is and accepting himself. He shouldn’t have to hide who he is just to fit in society. Check out the trailer to see for yourself the individual our lovely Victor is becoming.