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Join Young Entertainment Mag as we talk with Vanessa Caswill and Jennifer E. Smith, director and writer of Love at First Sight Netflix’s newest romantic comedy. Set on a plane from New York to London, main characters Hadley and Oliver experience an immediate connection and fall for each other on their way across the pond. This film is every young person’s greatest ‘meet cute’ fantasy come to life. This incredible new movie released on September 15th and is a must watch, so if you haven’t seen it yet, pop some popcorn and hit play on this sweet new rom com.

This beautiful story based on the book by Jennifer E. Smith is a must see for all young romantics or anyone who enjoys a good love story. Tune into this interview with Jennifer herself and the director of the film Vanessa Caswill for cool behind the scenes details you can’t find anywhere else!

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If you haven’t gotten a chance to see the Netflix original film Love at First Sight yet, it is a beautiful and relatable fantasy that every young person secretly yearns for when they are traveling. It tells the story of Hadley Sullivan (played by Haley Lu Richardson who you may recognize from the 2019 drama Five Feet Apart) as she finds herself on the same flight as a mysterious and attractive stranger, Oliver Jones (Ben Hardy). The two spend the hours from New York to London falling madly in love. However, when they get off the plane, they get separated at customs and Hadley and Ben then have to figure out how to find each other again. 

Here is a little glimpse into our interview with writer and director Jennifer and Vanessa. We asked Jennifer if she had a vision in her mind for the characters when she was writing them in the original story. Interestingly enough, she answered by saying that she is not so much a visual writer, but rather, she focuses more on the heart behind the characters than a visual representation. However, she then goes on to describe Hadley and Oliver as being perfectly casted by Haley Lu Richardson and Ben Hardy saying, “it’s hard to see them any other way.”

Vanessa and Jennifer also describe the actors Haley and Ben as pulling you under a spell right away. The two actors apparently had incredible chemistry and made the film the true masterpiece that it is. The two are so different that it makes them click and flow so well. Vanessa says that Ben is so “sweet, kind and gentle and she is quirky funny bubbly and bright – the combo was great. It was a dream cast.” Additionally, they discuss the details of filming a kissing scene in this movie during COVID and the logistical challenges that came with that. If you want to hear more about the nitty gritty details of that kiss, make sure to watch this interview for the exclusive!

Another thing that we discussed with these creative leaders, was their role as women in the creation of this film and what it was like to work with a female team. Jennifer offered up the point that this film revolves around the life story of Hadley Sullivan and it tells it from her unique perspective. The love story of a young woman, told by women is something that is so powerful. 

This movie is a love story for the ages and an absolutely incredible adaptation of Jessica E. Smith’s book and Vanessa Caswill has done a beautiful job of bringing this story to life. If you want to hear more about Love at First Sight make sure to check out our interview and make sure to leave a like and comment. A special thank you to Vanessa and Jessica for sitting down with us and offering up some behind the scenes details! Make sure to check out their new movie Love at First Sight on Netflix. 

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The chemistry between actors is important to the filming process and the overall feel of the movie.