Good Trouble star Emma Hunton talks Season 2!

The wait is over – Good Trouble is almost back for season two! Callie and Mariana Foster are back for more adventures in work, love, and life. Last season, the two girls moved to Los Angeles where they met lots of new friends. One new face is Davia Moss, a teacher and social media influencer. Like Davia said herself, “It’s being the biggest girl in the room with the loudest mouth. And using it!” We spoke with Good Trouble star Emma Hunton, who plays Davia, about her body positive character, Davia’s relationship with Jeff, and what fans can expect in the show’s new season.

Image Credit: James Preston

Young Entertainment Mag: Good Trouble returns tomorrow night! What can viewers expect from Season 2?

Emma Hunton: I like to think the first season was us introducing these characters for the first time and the second season is really diving into why we are the way we are. You really get to know our characters inside and out. And of course, lots of twists and turns 😉

YEM: Were you a fan of The Fosters before being cast?

Emma: I watched the series more closely after I had been cast, but I was always a fan of The Fosters, even before I was cast in Good Trouble.

YEM: Your character Davia is a body-positive character. Was that part of what drew you to the character?

Emma: Growing up, I didn’t see a lot of girls who looked like me in the spotlight. I wasn’t considered big enough to be “fat” and I wasn’t considered small enough to be “thin” and trying to find success in the industry while in that “in-between/curvy” place has been something I’ve tried to navigate for 21 years.

So, getting to play someone like Davia, who is written so beautifully and thoughtfully by our incredible writers, feels like such a blessing. They’ve created this beautiful, messy, caring, flawed person that actually exists in the world. I know because I am her.  We’re lucky to be living in a time where people of all different shapes and sizes and ethnicities and orientations are beginning to re-define what it means to be “beautiful” and the writers are not afraid to put someone who looks like me on television to help support that movement. I feel really lucky to be standing on the shoulders of so many women before me who helped pave that path. And I feel even more lucky to have been chosen to help carry that message.

YEM: How much do you have in common with Davia?

Emma: Davia and I are so much alike it’s insane. If anything, I would say she’s a little more heightened than I am. Everything is kind of always between an eight and a 15 on the emotional scale for her which tends to get her into some interesting situations. I used to think I was confident. And then I met Davia.

YEM: Davia struggled with an eating disorder when she was younger. What advice would you give viewers that are struggling with the same body issues?

Emma: It’s so hard. Bodies and self love usually never go hand in hand and are such sensitive subjects to everyone. Loving and learning to accept yourself for who you are and how you look is something I think we can all agree is a universal struggle. I hate to use the term “everyone is beautiful and we’re all perfect the way we are” not because I don’t believe it, I very vehemently do, but because when you’re going through something like that, those words don’t help.

I will say, you must find someone to talk to. You must get to the root of the problem. And then you must weed out all of the things that trigger you. I have done it, I understand how hard it is. But you must ask for help, and you absolutely do not have to go through it alone. And you are not broken for being this way or for wanting to change it. But you have to recognize that no matter how you spin it, it is unhealthy and it is a mental prison you have to break out of. And either literally or mentally, it will kill you.

YEM: Davia is a singer and you were previously on Broadway. If you could pick any song for Davia to sing on the show, what would it be and why?

Emma: I’ve been trying to get them to do a musical episode since episode 3 season 1, haha. We have a couple of really great musical moments in season 2 coming up but I guess I would love to see maybe Davia and Dennis write an original song together.

YEM: Davia has a complicated relationship with Jeff. Will we see more of that complicated relationship in Season 2?

Emma: Absolutely. Things for Davia and Jeff only get more complicated in season 2. It kills my soul that Jeff is such a terrible guy because Chris Sheffield (the actor who plays Jeff) is truly the nicest, funniest guy in the business. No matter how serious our scenes are we are making each other laugh until the second the camera starts rolling. Such a shame because Jeff is the worst.

YEM: Last season, Jeff said he had plans to divorce his wife and be with Davia. Will we see Jeff make moves towards ending his marriage?

Emma: I think we’re gonna see a lot of what happens when the power in the relationship shifts. In season one we saw Davia pining for Jeff and now that Jeff is actually starting to make moves towards leaving his wife Davia is figuring out what all of that means for her. Or if Jeff is even the person she’s supposed to be with.

YEM: Are wedding plans in the future for Davia and Jeff?

Emma: I don’t want to speak out of turn, but I think the only wedding Davia and Jeff will be attending together is the one he had to his wife when Davia sang at the reception.

YEM: Davia and Dennis have such a complicated relationship, will the audience see more of that in season 2? And are you liking the storyline?

Emma: The Davia/Dennis storyline is one of my favorites so far. I think Davia loves feeling needed and, in a way, Dennis needs her. But it goes deeper than that. Davia truly cares for him and she wants him to be healthy and happy and doesn’t want any feelings she may or may not have for him to interrupt him getting to that place. I think everyone is really going to love the care and time we’ve spent carefully crafting their friendship. And they’ll probably be equally as frustrated.

YEM: What has been the hardest part about Davia that you’ve had to struggle with?

Emma: She can be a little ignorant. I think the great thing about playing Davia is it forces me to empathize with a stance I may not agree with in my personal life, but it helps me understand a little more clearly WHY when you have to get into the mindset of someone who thinks things are the way they are inside their bubble.

YEM: Any more steamy scenes coming up?

Emma: Would it be the Good Trouble we know and love if there weren’t. 😉

Good Trouble returns to Freeform tomorrow night at 8pm!