Goodbye Andi Mack

The hit Disney Channel show Andi Mack is premiering its final episode tonight. The show revolves around teenager Andi Mack and her experiences with family, friends and love. The series has become one of the most iconic shows to air on Disney Channel, as it tackles topics that many other shows ignore. In fact, from the very first episode, Andi Mack was on viewers’ radar as one of the most realistic shows on tv.
Before the final episode airs, let’s look back at some of the most memorable moments of Andi Mack.
1. Bex tells Andi the truth, Season 1 Episode 1
In the very first episode of Andi Mack, we find out the secret that the Mack family has kept for years: and Andi finally learns the truth. When Andi’s sister Bex comes to town, we find out that Bex is really Andi’s mother. The secret turns Andi’s world upside down. She and Bex must learn to evaluate their relationship: now as mother and daughter. But with Bex’s carefree lifestyle, what does this mean for the family?
2.Cyrus likes Jonah, Season 2 Episode 1
For the first time on Disney Channel, or any children’s show for that matter, we see representation of an LGBT character. During a heart-wrenching conversation with Buffy, Jonah reveals that he has a crush on Jonah. For the first time, he has romantic feelings for another boy. At first Cyrus is scared and confused. But Buffy assures him that his feelings are valid and accepted. In her own words, Buffy tells Cyrus, “You’ve always been weird. But you’re no different.”
3. Bex and Bowie tie the knot, Season 3 Episode 19
Bex and Bowie have always had a complicated relationship. They had a baby together as teenagers, but have spent years out of each others’ lives. When Bowie finally meets Andi, he wants to be a family. In fact, he proposed to Bex in the second season. But the two decide the timing isn’t right. It took almost the entire series, but we finally got to see Bex and Bowie have their happy ending. The two said “I Do” in an intimate ceremony, with their daughter happily by their side.