Gossip Girl Revival Is Coming Soon

The Gossip Girl Instagram account recently dropped a trailer for the reboot of Gossip Girl. It looks like things are about to get spicy!

So, just to jog your memory, Gossip Girl is a show about spreading rumors. It is centered around the upper-class teens of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. their lives get flipped upside down and become exposed when a mysterious blogger named “Gossip Girl” starts telling their secrets among the student body. Noone’s secret is safe!

While the trailer didn’t give much away, there are few things that are known. First, the show picks up 9 years after “Gossip Girl’s” website “supposedly” stopped. It looks like whoever this new “Gossip Girl” has picked up right where the old left off on. 

Second, it seems like the show is more social-media intensive. Before it was just a website but now it has expanded. From the teaser trailer, it looks like “Gossip Girl” is using some social media app to expose everyone’s secrets. This was seen from one of the actors getting a notification. Hmmm, is it Instagram or maybe Snapchat, perhaps?

Third, some of the new cast members were revealed. Whitney Peak (acted in The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina-Part 3 and 4), Eli Brown (acted in Pretty Little Liars), Thomas Doherty (acted as Harry Hook in The Descendants franchise), and Emily Alyn Lind (acted in The Babysitter series and Dear Dumb Diary). There’s also some actors making their debut in this series. For example, Savannah Lee Smith. 

Finally, it’s known that the new series will be based on the novels of the same name (written by Cecily von Ziegesar) and the CW series. So, there should be some relations to the old series. Great, so the new series won’t lose it’s essence to the original creation. 

The new series looks like it will be full of drama! This new Gossip Girl seems like a snake!



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