“I got to check off a lot of bucket list actor moments in this movie.” Cast and creatives of coming-of-age comedy Prom Dates reveal new things they experienced on set

Prom Dates is a new coming-of-age comedy as Jess and Hannh desperately search for last-minute prom dates to fulfill their childhood dreams. The film was released on Hulu on May 3 as HSMTMTS star Julia Lester plays Hannah and Ginny and Georgia’s Antonia Gentry plays Jess. We got to chat with Julia, Terry Hu who plays Angie, Jordan Buhat who plays Luca, Kenny Ridwan who plays Greg, and director Kim O Nguyen and screenwriter D.J. Mausner to learn more about the film, how they would describe Jess and Hannah’s friendship, and their firsts while on set of Prom Dates

In the film, Jess and Hannah made a pact at 13 years old to have the perfect prom. Flash forward, they are now 24 hours before the big event and everything is ruined when they break up with their dates. Now they have one night to find new dates and make their dreams come true.

In addition to Julia, you may have already recognized these actors as Jordan is known for his role in Grown-ish, Kenny for The Goldbergs, and Terry for Zombies 3 and Netflix’s Never Have I Ever. D.J. and Kim have also written and directed multiple projects.

While each of these creatives have many years of experience in their field and work to their names, they all experienced firsts while on the set of Prom Dates. For D.J., this was their first feature film they had ever written. For Julia and Jordan, it was trying new stunt work and for Terry it was getting to play guitar on screen. Kenny said he enjoyed playing a character that goes through a lot of change during the film. 

Julia: “I got to check off a lot of bucket list actor moments in this movie, a lot of physical comedy and stunt work.”

Kenny: “For me it’s playing a character that goes through a very clear arc and I think in the beginning Greg sort of loves Hannah and that’s very obvious but at the end I think he realizes there is a different kind of love there.”

D.J.: “I tried to leave a little bit of space between set pieces so I could find it while I was writing.”

We also asked each person what songs they would use to describe Jess and Hannah’s friendship in the film. “When We Were Young” by The Killers was a common answer, and the song is also used in the closing credits of the film. 

Kim: “[When We Were Young by The Killers] is a great song because it really encapsulates just that whole feeling of just being present in the time.”

Jordan: “There’s so many different sides to what’s going on especially in this movie.”

Julia and Terry’s characters play love interests in the film and they revealed they prepared for their kissing scene through talking a lot about it, but they were overall excited to be portraying queer love on screen. 

Terry: “I think just talking about [the kiss], I think we’re both pretty big communicators and that was what was really helpful. We had this wonderful intimacy coordinator who is also queer.”

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Consider this:

  • Don’t be afraid to try new things on set, whether it’s stunt work or playing a character that is different then any you’ve played before. 
  • Communicate often with your costars to make sure they are comfortable, especially when filming intimate or emotional scenes.